Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Big Clean Out - Day 2

Well, yesterday was a great success! I got off this here computer and got my butt into gear. First things was first... I had to clean out my kitchen pantry. And the amount of expired packaged food I had was amazing! There was white sugar, Sippa-Straws (An Aussie invention) and hundreds of packets of hotel coffee - all stale! So, I washed the big glass jar the coffee came in and another I found hardened sugar in and took out the container that usually held potatoes; and found I had huge amount of space for the rest of the food from my Second Pantry in the office. Then, I spent the next hour hauling food from upstairs to downstairs and putting it all away. And another hour working on putting other things from the Second Pantry in the bathroom, bedroom and other parts of house.

Then, came my Mt To Be Read. It was looking very tatty and I thought instead of the books being forced to stand on their ends, it would be easier - have a less likely chance of them falling down - if they were piled on their sides with the bigger ones on the bottom and smaller ones on top... of course! And doesn't it make a difference?

Before all of this was done, I had all three loads of laundry done; this included the sheets off the bed, a pair of jeans, a mini skirt and a pair of shorts. But the whole clothesline was completely full! Then at around 2pm, I pulled it all off the line and did a load of kitchen towels; which dried completely by 4pm. Yep, it was hot enough still at that time of day to dry laundry then. By that time too, I had done the washing up and wiped down the counter and I then decided it was time the lawn was mowed (and this was before I put out the kitchen towels).

By 5pm, I had had a shower and gotten some of the garden's dirt off me and thought I had worked on the cleaning out quiet well. And doesn't it all look good so far? And the best thing happened all year! My little bird who wouldn't eat anything and is the fussiest eater ate a piece of apple. I had bought her a vegetable/fruit holder for Christmas, but she wouldn't go
near it. But then, she wouldn't eat anything out of a container either (unless it's seed or her Harrison's Pellets) so, I thought to try out putting the apple on top of the cage and her next to it; and voila! She ran in circles, dodged around it than finally chewed on. The cutest thing was when she put her little foot onto it and really got into it! I just didn't get picture of her doing that part. But here's one of her being all delicate about it. And I'm so proud of her!

And today seeing it's been raining on and off, I'm going to keep going with a few other things around the place; then let you know how it fairs tomorrow.

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