Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Big Clean Out - Day 7

Wow! I've been doing this clean out for a week, and I'm still interested in it! That's good! And that's a record for me too. Yesterday was a good day for me to clean; and as I said I do clean better in the afternoons. If I remember right, I was off-line at around midday and got into my cleaning soon after, starting with the coffee table by the front door and the piles of magazines on it. I went through them and found I had a stockpiled 2 years' worth of 'Good Reading' Magazines! So, I sorted out the last few months of last year's and tossed the rest. I also got rid of any 'Insight' and 'Witchcraft' magazines I had from 2005 and 2006... but I kept all the vegetarian cooking magazines and yoga magazines. I also cleaned out the shoes from underneath it and vacuumed up all of Stevie's bum feathers and little blue feathers with the dust-buster (now I know where she's been putting them!).
The next place I sorted was the lounge. I sorted out the pile of papers on the lounge and figured out which receipts needed shredding which ones could be tossed. I find that anything with my keycard or credit card number on it needs shredding (otherwise some smartarse out
there can do some identity fraud on me and steal my money) otherwise, if I paid cash and it's on the receipt, well, they can't do anything. I also tossed out the junk mail and anything else that I didn't want; except stuff addressed to my house (that went into the pile for shredding. Thank goodness I got a shredder for my birthday last year!).
I washed up after sweeping the kitchen floor and then washed up everything and wiped down the counter. Then, I grabbed the stuff that needed shredding and the vegetarian magazines and brought them upstairs and found places for them and began to tidy up up here. I tossed out old envelopes, paper and other junk I didn't need. Then, it was books I thought that were from my Available bag from Bookcrossing and books that had fallen off the non-fiction bookshelf near the window that needed picking up. The space by the computer needed cleaning up. I sorted out the postcards from the Logan Art Gallery and notebooks and registered books that I had yet to make ready to send to off to new owners on the net.
While I'm doing that, I'm also sorting out stuff in the doorway of my bedroom where there are thing in 'green bags' that used to live in the medium-sized bookcase which was brought upstairs from the lounge. I
haven't looked into those bags for while. This included a bag with two and half sets of sheets in it that Mum gave me (which is on the line now). By this time it's almost 4pm; and time to start thinking about dinner.
And Dad came over with a new perch for Stevie. It's thicker and stronger than the last one... and doesn't it look great!
For dinner, I had stir-fry. I find it an easy meal to make when I'm tired. I've got a lot to do this afternoon... including the bathroom, putting away the paintings in the hallways of the kitchen and clearing the kitchen table. But this morning, there's the dropping off of the bags to 'Endos' Mum and I are doing. We both have bags to take there. The car will be packed!

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