Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Big Clean Out - Day 6

Yesterday, I felt horrible and blah... I had no energy and so only did the smaller things I could and read half a chapter of 'So Many Book, So Little Time' by Sara Nelson. And this began right from the time I woke up; so it didn't just hit me from lunchtime onwards.

Today, I'm feeling a lot better. However, I did something yesterday that left poor little Stevie without a main perch. I noticed it had a massive crack running around the middle of it and so I thought to have a look to see how bad it was. Pulling it out, I flexed it and it snapped in two. Boy! Did I feel bad! Now, there was no way I could fix it or get another one until today. So, I hooked up a smaller perch - which caused all her toys, mirror, bells and millet to be crowded around her. And this morning, after breakfast, I walked down to 'Pet Country' and bought her another set of 45cm perches for $7.00. She's not too crazy at it being straight, but at least it's long enough that she can run along it and not smack into things all the time.

Also today, I'll be getting into washing the floors of the kitchen, bathroom and front door. Before that, though, I'll have to finish the washing up and wipe down the cupboards. And while the floor's are drying, I'll come up to the office and get into minimising the 'Green Bags' I have up here and adding the space I badly need here. Yep, there's a lot to do.
What I have done is pull in the wheelie bin, check the mail across the road and upload my photo onto 365 Project of a leaf after the rain. It's a good one too! Otherwise the place does need a tidy-up; just a little. I've checked up on my e-mails and chatrooms on Bookcrossing and have really done all I need to do on my internet for today. And now I'm two days behind in my clean out, I need to catch up with it all... and work harder on making sure it's all done.
There is another reason why I need to tidy up. I received an offer to get my carbon footprint assessed by the Federal Government about a month ago; and the guy is coming this Friday. Now, I have a day and half to have this place a little bit tidier than what it is. But I'm confident it won't take as long as I expect. I'll keep you posted about it.

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