Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Visit to the Vet

As you know, I've had to take my dear little bird to the vet on Monday. Well, little wasn't in the vet's vocab yesterday... Pammy Boobs was. Yes, my budgie is overweight. Instead of being 52g my bird is 67g! Wow! That does mean Little Miss Stevie isn't so little!
But the vet was please to tell me that Stevie isn't going blind, is as happy as she's seen her and played with my bird as though Stevie was her own... Stevie played long jumping her on her hands and fingers and running around the desk.
It was so cute to watch her interact with another person; when not too long ago, she wouldn't. No, Stevie use to be a very one-person-only kinda budgie where she'd bite and go off at people who she didn't know. However, she seems to like this vet and not mind going when we have to take her (even if we have to leave her overnight which is very expensive).

Her antics even made the new vet who was sitting in on all the visits and watching (a young intern if you will) smile and remember why she wanted to be a vet. Stevie made her laugh too with her cuteness and playfulness. The silly thing was: I had my camera there and didn't get it out! I should have taken a few photos of my bird playing and being tested. It was such a relief to know that my little companion isn't going blind, but I do have to watch what she eats and exercise her regularly.

Before we went in for our appointment, a man came in with a fully-grown Cockatoo in a large cage. The bird was magnificent and the man said he had inherited it and it was around 40 years old. I replied: 'Oh, a young 'un.' He said he knows they live a long time but doesn't know exactly how long; Mum said we knew one down the coast that was heading toward 80 then asked me how old they live for. I said there are ones around that have been known to live to be 100 years old and Mum said that he would
have to Will the bird to some body. He appeared a little shocked before going to counter; leaving the bird in our section.
After we had our appointment, and him and his bird went in, we could hear his bird screeching in the room. It wasn't in pain; it was just having a go at somebody in there. I do think Cockatoos are beautiful birds. They are amazing and brilliantly intelligent too.

And so, our visit wasn't too bad. I'm happy that it's just a little weight problem my bird's got; and it's not her sight. And I'm also happy that it's easily fixed too!

On the way home, Mum stopped for some petrol and I thought to take a candid photo of her with my camera. Such a cutie... even if she does have some weight on! She's my Not-So-Little Miss Stevie! :D

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