Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Big Clean Out - Day 5

I've found that I clean better in the afternoon; crazy but true. Then, once it's all finished up for the day, I can sit down and feel good about myself that at least I got something done. But yesterday wasn't one of those days. Instead, I ended up not doing too much. I found myself clearing out the fridge of food that had made friends with itself (ie: growing mould), putting out the rubbish before realising it was leaking (which meant the floors would need washing again!) and then, finding out that Stevie's main large perch has a massive crack right through the middle of it! So, this means, I have to find her another perch before it breaks... and with all this rain around, it's going to be hard to find a dry one!

Anyway, I did get some reading done yesterday of two books. One really got on my nerves and one was funny and light. The first one was 'Boundaries' which was recommended to me by my doctor. You see, after having one bad relationship, I have had judgement issues and boundary problems with people. So, I have needed to read something about how to curb them in the right situations. However, there isn't a book out there where the authors don't smack you around with the Good Book so much you feel like you're being preached at. This one was least preachy and I've been dodging the scriptures and references to God in it as much as I can (my Kingdom for a book that talks about just pure psychology of what works and what doesn't... nothing to do with spiritual healing, God or what Matthew did to John or whatever... please!). The other book - as I said - was a lot easier to read. It's called 'So Many Books, So Little Time' By Sara Nelson. It's about a woman who promised herself in 2000 to read as many books as she could; preferably one a week. Her adventures and misadventures of reading are funny and sometimes a little weird; but I can relate to a few of her stories. And I've been able to get through this book quite easily. So, unfortunately, I didn't get as much done as I wanted yesterday... that means, I'll have to work harder today. That's okay. It'll help me sleep better tonight; as I haven't been sleeping all that well. Until tomorrow's adventures around my big clean up tomorrow.

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