Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Back Into It!

Over the last couple of years, I've been methodically cleaning out my house.  So far, I've been very successful with my kitchen, the bathroom, my office (well, okay, that still needs a bit of work as my book collection is constantly growing and needs room to move), the living room and now I'm onto my bedroom - at long last!
This afternoon, I had an hour to myself.  So, I made myself a nice ice coffee, grabbed the cordless phone and a couple of rubbish bags and headed to my bedroom where I opened up the wardrobes to put away my laundry.  But instead of putting it away, I began sorting out my bath towels and folding them, then I pulled out my skirts, shirts, jeans, short and then opened up a drawer in my duchess and tipped out all my Summer shirts from last year onto the floor.  
Spontaneously, I began quickly sorting through what I'd wear this year, what was going into the charity bag and what I'd keep as painting attire.  Seeing I find this easy to do now, this didn't take long.  However, when it came to putting the shirts back, I found the drawer didn't have any liners.  So, I hunted down the liners I'd been using and cut them to size and neatly organised my drawers so that the everyday shirts were on the left, and the evening wear was on the right; easy-peasy.  
Then, I happened to look in where my sheets were and found a set of sheets I was given, but have never liked or used.  so, I pulled them out and put them into the charity bag too.  If I don't like them why have them?  Anyway, I pulled out the hanger with the skirt attachment on it and hung up all the skirts that would fit on it, folded up the rest and put them away, put away all my other bigger shirts, then sorted through my jeans and shorts.  And I found a pair that I bought last year which I love but have been able to wear because they are too long.  So, I kept them separate to do the hems up on them and pulled out the Sherryn Football so I can get it pumped up at my parents' house someday (I've had that for years too and it's been at the back of my wardrobe doing nothing). 
By the time I had done all this, an hour had passed.  So, I put away the folded up bath towels, the pajamas I found and had folded, any socks I happen to find that were clean and scarves that were on the floor and needed to be put away as well.  then, I put everything back onto the chair and in the basket; ready to be sorted out tomorrow afternoon - or on Thursday.  
So far, I'm pleased with myself.  I have sorted out one drawer, put away most of my skirts, found a pair of jeans I want to wear and also my football I've been looking for.  And this means that one charity bag is half-full for Endos... there's another one to go before I put it next to the front door to be taken away.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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