Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Monday

Today, I woke to a lovely, sunny, warm morning; but I didn't want to get out of bed until later.  Actually, I didn't have a good night last night as I was feeling really sick in the stomach and had to take something for it before bed.  But once the pain went away, I was asleep before I knew it; and slept straight through to this morning.
But once up, I fed the pets and readied myself to go out for a walk to the Big Apple Fruit Store to get myself some yoghurt and to enjoy the early morning.  There's nothing like a nice morning which isn't too cold or hot and yet, you don't have to do much around the house for the day.  
Once home, I opened up the house, prepared breakfast, put on the laundry of woolens and took my time eating while the radio played.  I enjoy breakfast.  It's a nice time of the day.  Unrushed.  Quiet.  Nothing can wreck it.  And once the laundry was hung out, I prepared to go out again to check the mail and planned to be home by around 9:45am.  However, one of my neighbours is home with his foot up from injuring himself on his work site and so I thought to drop in on him on the way home.  Ray and I chatted about the weekend and what plans we have for the next few weeks and other such things.  Otherwise, we watched a bit of news and had a laugh before I was on my way about an hour later.  I returned home at around 10:30am... so much for best-laid plans; oh well, I don't plan my days too much anymore as it's something good to enjoy times that aren't too structured.  Life gets boring that way.
When I opened the door of my place, I noticed that none of the windows downstairs were open; so I did that straight away, opened the back door and went outside to check on the plants.  However, I rushed  back in, grabbed the camera and slowly went back out to the back yard as I had spotted a lovely Kookaburra sitting on my fence scoping my back neighbour's yard for food.  She wasn't home, but her yard is a little overgrown and so is a rich source of food right now.  Well, this lovely Kingfisher saw me as I slowly stepped toward him and took some photos and he ended up flying away.  I do love those birds, they are just so lovely.
Well, it was getting onto 11am and I still hadn't done much around my place except some laundry, fed the pets, checked the mail and ate breakfast and visited a friend.  There was the washing up to do, some cleaning around the house and a pile of laundry to put away... a big pile.  So, there's still work to get done around here.  I kind of look forward to getting it done as I do need this place to begin looking like it's tidy in the next few weeks because it's my birthday coming up and I'd like to have my family to come and see this place for what it can be; and not what it currently is.
So... how was your weekend?  Mine was long.  It felt long to me.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember I'm always here.

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