Friday, September 28, 2012

It's Friday... I'm In Love...

It's Friday.  The day I've planned to stay home and get the rest of the house in order.  The day I've made sure is the day I'll have the house clean and tidy enough to leave for a week.  
Yesterday, it was a mess!  This morning, I did some major tidying up and am pleased to say that it looks better than it has in a while.  I have organised all my medications, food, the fish's food, Little Miss Stevie's food and her covers are washed, the post office knows I'm on holidays next week too.  All my laundry is done and I've packed all the clothes I want to take with me, my birthday presents are packed; as are some things I want to take with me for Riley and a few books for me to read as well.  
I've put away the clothes horse and taken all the laundry off that - which is just the underwear and pajamas that I want to take with me.  I've organised my phone charger and shoes as well.  I've got the last load of washing on the line drying - which is the sheets from my bed I thought to wash; seeing I'm away for a week.  I've also gone through a few things in the house I never thought I would.  I went through the bag of macrame that has been sitting next to the piano for a year and have sorted through the beads, rings and pins in it and have thought it was time to take it to a place where they might take off my hands - and art store or a fabric place, I'm not sure. But not a charity place.  Might sell it all on e-bay yet.  Then, I went through my plastic bags and threw a lot of them out.  I'm putting away plenty of things and tidying up.
This afternoon, I've got to finish up packing, organising my list of things to do around the place and make sure I call Dad and ask him about borrowing an esky with ice packs so the cold things I want to take with me won't go sour tomorrow.  Or if the little blue ice pack thing I have is enough, well, that's good I'll take that with me instead.  

I've been working hard this week - over the last three days - to make sure I have the right things for myself.  Now, not having a car was hard, but it's been worth it in the planning out.  One of my friends thought I was planning a little too much, but when you've been without a car as long as I have, you learn to plan well ahead for holidays and make sure everything is done up to two days in advance.
And so, by tonight, I'll have everything ready to go.  Tomorrow morning, I'll get up, pack my last minute things of pajamas, pillows, make-up and other little essentials as I get ready to go while everything else will be already packed.  Well, I better be going.  There's still things to tidy up, two bills to pay and other stuff to fix up around the place before I'll be happy with the house this afternoon.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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