Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Resistance Is Useless...

Over the weekend, I came down with a cold; and it's made me feel very old, tired and not like myself in any way.  
Usually, at this time in the week, I've gotten all my laundry done over two days, the kitchen is tidied up, the lounge has been found - twice - and the wheelie bin is out (we have to put it out on a Tuesday night for an early Wednesday morning pick-up).  However, today, I slept in until 8:10am, showered, put on the laundry and had breakfast.  And by the time I had done all that it was around 10am.  Then, I had to go and check the mail at the post office - as it hadn't been looked at in two or three days - and by the time I returned it was going onto 11am.  
None of the washing up was done, the lounge was a mess, the recycling had to the put out and I had only just opened the house about 20 minutes before leaving the house to check the mail... talk about slack! But in between all the jobs, I was also blowing my nose, washing my hands in anti-bacterial gel and coughing continuously every time I sneezed.  This slowed me down the whole time.

I really do hate being sick... and keep forgetting how bad I am at being helpless when I am sick or injured.  I'm a rotten patient and hate being stuck and unable to be able to do anything for myself.  How stubborn am I, eh?

But once home and onto the net, I was okay.  I could relax a little and check my e-mail, do a few blog posts and upload a couple of photos.  And once that was done, I could stuff around and surf a little Google a few things and - by 1pm or so - jump offline.  Then, I grabbed a Cranberry Juice and went outside with a hat and a cushion and read the last chapter or two of 'The Drawing of the Three' by Stephen King.  This is the 10th book I've read this year; and now I can start on my pile of books for helping me recover from this cold.  The next book I've chosen is 'Dandelion Wine' by Ray Bradbury; a recent purchase of mine, but a work I've wanted to read of his for some time.  Then, I'll get into another SK book in the Dark Tower Series.

Well, it's getting late and I must be going to bed now.  Sleep is the best thing for a cold or flu of any kind.  What do you do when you're down with a cold and you really want to do something?  Do you submit completely and just relax?  Or are you like me and very reluctant to let go and feel you have to be doing something around you place before you can sit down do some reading or enjoy something you want to do?  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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