Monday, September 17, 2012

Busy Monday Morning

I'm so grateful to be home.  Today, I caught the bus to Garden City and spent around the most expensive 3 hours there to do only a few things and get my butt home.  However, it's what I did that made this morning such a lucrative morning.  I got so much done!  And when this kind of morning is upon you, it's great!  
I was up early, eaten breakfast and ready to leave by around 9:15am and off to the bus stop.  I had a plan of what I needed to do and the time I needed to do it in.  I gave myself until around 1pm to get home; and usually I stick to that kind of timetable.  The bus was on time and it was good to be able to relax once on board and listen to some Ella Fitzgerald all the way there on my ipod.
Then, once there, I walked straight to the bank, pulled out the money I needed and went to the post office and made out a postal cheque to Macleans Booksellers in Hamilton in New South Wales for my order of 'Crossing Paths' by Debbie Robson; and I wrote a little note for them to remind them about what the cheque was for too and where to send the book.  This is my birthday present to myself.  Seeing I don't have a boyfriend or a spouse, I often buy myself a birthday present - or two - for myself and celebrate the day by either going out or cooking myself a special meal and enjoying it with a great movie.  I do something I don't normally do on my birthday; and that's a good thing.  I also do this at Christmas and buy a few gifts for myself, wrap them and put them under the tree to make it look festive; and make it look like Santa's visited my house. 
Anyway, I also had bought Mum her birthday card and sent it express post today - so she'll get it tomorrow - and that all cost me quite a bit of money.  I paid for it all and was on my way to my next port of call in Westfield Garden City:  Riot Art.
At this place, I found myself a stretch canvas of the right size to use for an art project I've thought of lately.  I've got plenty of necklaces and I want to see them so I can wear them with anything I'm wearing; instead of rummaging around my jewellery boxes knowing I have a necklace 'somewhere hiding in here that will match this outfit' only to find it a week later in another jewellery box.  So, that doesn't happen, I'll be creating a beautifully painted canvas with a chain draped and pinned to it.  And where the chain droops and drips, I'll have alligator clips hanging, waiting to take hold of my necklaces.  But they won't be damaged as when I clip them on, the teeth won't be holding the chains, I'll make sure they loop through where they are hanging.  So, it'll look nice and pretty.  Well, I'm hoping this works as I worked it out in my head at the art store; and usually I try this kind of thing out on a smaller scale first.  
Well, I dropped into Gloria Jeans on the way back to the bus stop, after getting my Topamax and as I sat down, there was this elderly gentleman who had caught the bus to Garden City, but didn't know which bus to catch back to his retirement village.  The number he mentioned wasn't the one he needed, but the one we told him was the right one.  I wrote down the bus number for him and we told him to ask the bus driver if he went to Bethany (the retirement village near RACQ) and fortunately, the bus he caught did.  I'm glad we could held (two other people and me).  
Before he left, he said he had found a bag of children's clothes next to him and didn't quite know what to do with them.  Giving them to me, I looked at them and found they were brand new and from K-Mart.  I noticed they were paid for in cash on the docket - which meant I couldn't find out through the store who bought them if they had been paid for on a credit card.  So, I said I'd hang onto them in case the people came back... however, nobody did.  So, I've still got them.  
I got home at around 1pm; just as I had planned.  It's been a strange old day of sun and the clouds coming in all overcast.  But it's going to rain at some point in the week; and personally, I welcome it as our gardens really need it badly.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here. 

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