Thursday, September 27, 2012

Busy Thursday Afternoon

My day actually started pretty early.  I walked to the fruit market down at the Argonaut Centre and bought up enough fruit and veggies to last me next week - but I forgot the capsicums.  Oh well, I'll get them while I'm out checking the mail tomorrow.
When I arrived home, with 1kg tub of Greek Yoghurt with mango puree through it, I packed away the veggies ready to be transported, then started on breakfast.  This was going to be a late day for my breakfast for me... at around 8:30am when I'm normally eating at 7:45am.  Anyway, I had just poured the milk onto my muesli when I hear an almighty CRASH in my stairwell and the sounds of something tumbling down the stairs!  I put down everything immediately and raced to the front door to find the large picture frame at the bottom of the stairs, but nothing else.  I was expecting massive shards of glass, wrecked photos, torn paper and cardboard too... but all there was was a brown broken frame.  I had no idea where the rest of it was; and this puzzled me!  So, I called Dad.  He said he'd come over after laughing at me.  By the time he had arrived, I had found the pictures and glass.  It was all slotted unceremoniously behind the other pieces of artwork leaning against the wall behind the front door.  The glass was broken and so the whole frame wasn't salvageable and I had to throw it out.  What we did find out was that the Command Hook I had used was useless for long-term use; something they don't tell you on the box.  Dad could see I was really peeved at what happened but he could also see what I was trying to achieve with the photos and the frame and offered to put a proper hook up on that wall that will hold that bigger frame for me.  After I get another big, multi-photo frame, we'll get together and do that.  By this time, it was around 9:15am... boy, and I thought 8:15am was late in eating breakfast!
Before long, I had been on the net, uploaded a few things and checked my mail everywhere and I had to catch a bus to Springwood.  Unfortunately, I was running a few minutes late, but fortunately for me, the bus was running a few minutes later than I was.  So, I got to do all the things I needed to before bussing it home.
I had to find a black bra at Target - and ended up scoring 3 for $25!  Then, I found a Reader's Digest music set at Rockaway Music for $10 in great condition.  Then, I had to get some deodourant at Woolworths too and I was off to the chiropractors.  When I went for my walk, I went to Arndale and bought some wrapping paper for both my and Riley's birthday presents before walking to the Springwood Bus Station and waiting for the bus there.
While waiting for the 20 minutes for the bus (which the board tells you how long the wait is in minutes and hours), I was sitting around listening to 'The Doors' on my iPod and some little kids were running amok around the bus station while their Mum tried to call them back.  They saw the orange emergency button and the eldest one went to press it.  When I saw her reaching up, I called out to her not to; that it was only for emergencies and to leave it alone.  She did and went running back to her Mum.  Her youngest sister - who was around 2 years old, however - was another story.  She climbed up on the seat, looked at the red button and pressed it.  Above my music (which wasn't that loud), I heard a voice talk over the speaker.  I rushed up as I pulled my speakers from my ears and listened and I heard the voice again, 'Yes, what is your emergency?' the little girl looked at me smiling as I turned back to the speaker and said, 'Don't worry about it, just some little kids pressed the button, that's all.  No emergency, sorry.' he replied, 'That's good to hear.  Thank you.' I picked the little girl off the seat and asked her where Mummy was and she went running off to her at the other end of the bus station.  I waited until she got there before walking back to my stuff (the bus station was nearly empty so I didn't worry about leaving my bag and things alone for a few seconds).  But when we got on the bus, I did the right thing and told their Mum what the girls got up to down my end of the platform; and she wasn't pleased, saying 'It's always the girls who are getting into doing bad things, isn't it?' I said I did because my folks didn't let me do anything; whereas my brother was allowed to go anywhere and do everything.  All I wanted to do was what he did. 
Well, once I was off the bus and on my way home, my mobile rang and I found Aunty Helen on the other end asking where I was.  Fortunately, I wasn't 5 minutes away.  she had finished stitching up a ribbon around a blanket for me for my friend's baby shower that I had knitted.  She said it kept on slipping, but the blanket wouldn't look complete without it.... and yet it's so well-made too.  I said that the blankets are just for when they need to change the baby's nappy in the park or at the beach and they don't want to get dirt anywhere. And so if their bubby pees on it, it goes straight through, and doesn't really stain.  She said it's a good idea; and that they are quite warm so they can be used in the bottom of the pram too. 
That was my day.  Today was my last day of being out and about for the day.  Tomorrow is my day of cleaning up, putting laundry away, packing last-minute things and making sure I have everything for Saturday morning.  This has been one heck of a week... but it's been good to have the last few days to prepare to go away for a week - seeing I don't have a car, it's been harder for me to do what I normally wouldn't have done in a day or so.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.   

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