Friday, September 7, 2012

Feelin' A Bit Like Summer

Last night, I went to sleep with the moon rising late and a cool breeze moving the curtains.  I dreamt I went back to high school; that I had to graduate and better myself.  But everyone there didn't like me  and if one person wasn't stealing from me, another was breaking all my favourite things.  At first, I didn't react to them - acting all nice and sweet and polite.  Then, one of them screamed at me as they broke the handles off a favourite handbag of mine (a new one I had bought only a few weeks back too), throwing it across the dorm.  I snapped, I shoved, I screamed and ... I terrified her!  I demanded she stayed out of my face and she fix my handbag (after all we were in high school, and she could learn to fix such things in a class, right?).  She stammered an apology - as everyone else did as they returned my things - and they all left me alone.  
My alarm went off and I awoke to a lovely, sunny warm day.  I wondered about the dream.  It was as though I was back in year 8 again and people thought they could push me around; well, until they copped the blunt end of my temper.  But today, I snoozed for another half hour until 8am, simply because I felt like it - and because with a cold going away, I have make sure I don't push myself too hard either.  
It's been a good day so far.  The mail's been checked, I washed up, I remembered to feed the fish (unlike last night when I forgot!) and Little Miss Stevie is in a great mood.  She jumped onto my hand and flew around the room, snuggling up to me after she landed on her cage.  She's now enjoying the day, the sun, the breeze that comes through the window.  Yes, it's a hot day today, but it's also a special day too.  Besides it being a Friday (and who doesn't love Fridays? Seriously... it's a great introduction to the weekend) and it's a lovely day to be outside or in the shade reading a book, I have been preparing for something important - well for me anyway.  But I'll tell you about it tomorrow, when the time is right.

But it is feeling very much like Summer right now and I'm lazing the day away here in my office while it's bright, hot and sunny outside.  However, I'm not just sitting here writing to you guys.  I've been searching my office high and low for photos of my past.  
For those who know me well, I have a foul memory and take photos and write in an offline journal so I can remember what has been happening in my life.  Some of it sounds boring and trite while other entries are pretty good and fun. It's hard to have a bad memory and to rely on photos and diary entries for a good part of the time; while other times, I'm pretty sharp.  There are times when I don't have those memories coming to me so well; and I wish I did.  But being told them by family members is like being told a great story and learning something new about myself... even if it turns out bad.  Have you ever had that happen?  Well, until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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