Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday's The Day of Rest

Yesterday, I had a massive, full-on day!  It was so full-on, I thought to give today a bit of a rest, once I got a few things done around the place.

After I got offline yesterday, I didn't seem to stop.  First I pulled out my Hawks Traveling Bag, which I take everywhere on holidays with me (and is an Official Hawthorn Hawks Travel Bag from the AFL in Melbourne), took it out in the backyard and shook it out.  Seeing it's been in the bottom of my wardrobe, you never know what could have been hiding in it since last December.  Usually I'm expecting a Huntsman Spider, but none ever runs out - for this I'm forever thankful.
Once I established that nothing was living in my bag, I took it back up to my bedroom and left the double-zip open and began packing my good skirts, favourite shirts and jeans; and began organising which books I was going to take with me (this includes any journals and notebooks).  I also have to put in prescriptions and battery chargers for my camera.  I then wrapped my birthday present and put it into the bag and looked outside.  It had begun to look really dark out there.  So, I stopped packing and began unplugging appliances.  The computer was first - seeing I was upstairs - and then I opened the bathroom window and got myself downstairs and unplugged the tv, stereo system, dvd player and vcr as well as the antenna and then grabbed the torch from its spot and the battery-run radio and turned it on too.  
The storm hit just as I sat down to finishing off a scarf for Mum.  I had pulled out a crochet hook - the biggest one I could find - and the tassels I had cut for the scarf and began pulling them through.  With the torch near at hand, I was ready for the lights to go out; but fortunately, they didn't and the storm was gone within the next hour or so.

The good thing about yesterday was that all the laundry I had on the line had dried - well, except one item which I put on the clothes horse.  And seeing the storm had come and gone by 6pm, I thought to get in and do the towels and other t-shirts I had missed.  It all fitted on the clothes horse - well, only just.  And this morning, I put Little Miss Stevie's covers in the wash and hung them out on the line to dry in the windy weather that greeted us today.  And the laundry is just about all I've gotten done today - except checking the mail at the post office - otherwise, I got to meet Mum out the front in the car park and she gave me my jeans and a baby blanket she promised to get a border put around.  The other one I've knitted is being done by Aunty Helen tomorrow.  I gave Mum a HGG of the scarf I was doing up with tassels and she loved it!  She's loved that scarf since I began knitting it last year and I thought to give it to her now.  And I also gave her 'Dandelion Wine' by Ray Bradbury to read while she's in hospital over the next week or so; as she'll be there for a while, and this is a good book to read.

Well, tomorrow is my half-shop day.  But for a day where I only get half the things, I'll be doing an awful lot.  There's my birthday present to pick up from 'Woodys', photos to order in at K-Mart (and then pick them up on Friday), medication to get from the chemist, a milk crate to buy from Dollars and Sense and then I'll have the few things I'll need at Coles and Woolworths.  Otherwise, it's going to be a complex day out where I get to run around and hope to get everything.  Well, until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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