Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cool Weekend

It's been a busy ol' weekend.  I've been out all day yesterday at Mum and Dad's place where I had to drop off some things and get other things done there.  And while I was there, Gabe and Kat dropped by to have lunch and drop off Jay, the dog, overnight as they were off down the coast for a costume party.  Me?  I got my AFL Sherrin football pumped up for the Finals in two weeks.  I've had this ball for a few years now, and this is the first time I've gotten in and put some air into it. 
Then, I showed Mum the blankets I finished up and the ribbon that was needed to be sewn around the edges of them.  Otherwise, Mum thought the effort I went to was great.  She also helped me with a pair of 'Country Road' jeans that fit me really well, but are about 6 inches too long!  She's great at hemming things and has the skills, and so she said to leave them with her and she'd get them done in this week.  She knows I'd never get it done here at my place as I don't have the sewing machine up, ready to use all the time.  
Anyway, I worked on a Spanish Tutorial that's built into my iPod.  It's lots of fun and I enjoy doing it once in a while.  I'm picking it up quite easily and well too!  I do want to try out the French but I'm not sure if I can do it; or if I have enough space for the French - as I can already speak a little of the language. 
Mum and Dad showed me some photos of their trip to New Zealand on the television.  Dad plugged the usb drive into the side of it and got it going.  They were shown all over the place, but they looked good.  Then, I wanted to see what they thought of the ones I had for my Family Collage Project I'm planning for Christmas and plugged in my usb drive into the dvd player (as the tv one didn't work as well as expected).  Once we sat down with a cuppa, Dad pressed 'play' on the remote and one by one - in a slideshow - the photos showed up on the screen.  They were good photos and I'm glad I had them on there.  Some of them were funny and I heard some great laughs from Mum and Dad and them letting me know that they'd be okay to use on the wall of photos.  So, it looks like I'm heading the right direction for this collage - a good funny, light and enjoyable collage of the family.  

Today, it's cooler than it was yesterday.  I've bought the paper, made pancakes for breakfast and had my plunger coffee too.  Then, I clipped some bushes out the front in the Body Corporate garden to make them neater and more presentable.  My next door neighbour is moving out today; and doing the whole job on his own.  Even though his friends said they'd help him, none of them are.  He even called up his kids and he can't get them to come to help him either.  He feels very lonely right now; and I wish I could help him with the move, but all the stuff he's moving is big and heavy.  And he's really angry right now about how things are going.  Poor guy's done about five trips to his new place from here in his ute today; and he's stuffed.  
As I look out the window, there's clouds coming over.  The sun is hidden and I've only just pulled the curtain and closed the back door and front window for Little Miss Stevie as she was a little chilly.  Now, from the home office, I can hear her chatting and blowing kisses to the radio again.  Such a cutie.  Well, until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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