Monday, September 20, 2010

3D Overload

When I was young, 3D was a very expensive process to do with films.  When my parents were young, it was also very a expensive - if not an absolute luxury - have in a film.  In the last two years, 3D films have been made even more popular through new glasses, new techniques and new technology.  However, not everyone likes them; and they have their reasons.
I'm a very big movie fan and have enjoyed going to the movies for a majority of my life.  However when I go to the movies now, it's often advertised for the 3D movie-goers and not for the people who enjoy the 2D movie experience.  Being an Epileptic, it's something I have avoided since it became something big on the screens.
Like I said, 3D has been around for a long time; longer than me.  But the technology has just gotten better.  This means it also means it screws with our brains more, makes us tired faster and does stuff to us that we don't yet realise.  And when I attended this year's Epilepsy Symposium here in Brisbane, we had quite a few people with this condition tell the Neurologists that the 3D films were terrible for them; that they were having seizures a few days later when they were perfectly stablised beforehand.
So, really, what is this new technology doing to our brains?  I know that it's not good for us; as I've refused to see a 3D film and have always asked to see if any film I want to see is in 2D as well.  And well, of course it is; but why put something in 3D if the film-makers know it may not be good for us?  To make money... and it's crap that that's what makes the world go round.  
Now there's 3D televisions and the Hi-Fi stores are encouraging us to get these televisions to be in our homes.  So, let's say, you invite your friends over and one of them brings over somebody who's Epileptic?  What then?  Do you expect them to sit in the other room while you all enjoy the 3D film you've rented just for the rest of you?  How selfish can these Hi-Fi places be!  Yeah, it's great for the people who have a passion for the films; but when you have this condition, some people see it as a minor problem when really, it's your own health you're looking out for.
Now, everything is advertised for 3D viewing.  The movies are not shown for 2D - only 3D - and that really gets on my nerves.  The reason being is that I have phone the cinemas and ask what seems like a stupid question:  'Is this film in 2D as it wasn't advertised that it is/was?'  And normally the answer is yes.  But really, do we have to ask?  We should have the answers given to us in the advertising... it's just two little letters to add onto the end of the advertising jingle:  'In 2D and 3D... showing now!' 

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