Thursday, September 9, 2010

An Afternoon of Work

Well, yesterday, once I got off here at around 2pm, I felt really sick.  I had another dizzy spell; not pleasant, I tell ya!  But I drank some water and at something and tried to feel better and kept going.
And the next place I wanted to do was the home office... like I mentioned the other day.  Well, this place had to get better before it got worse.  I had books, a blanket, scarves, clothes, old documents and papers absolutely everywhere!  Like I said, it was beginning to look like something I did want it to look like and less like an office.  So, I began with picking up all the handbags that were sitting around on the floor; and made a vow to myself to stop buying them.  I had enough in the collection; coin purses are easier to contain anyway.  
Once I had them sorted out, I moved all the green bags out of the way and the portable stereo put back into the top shelf of the wardrobe, I started sorting out how much stuff was in these bags exactly.  Most of it was just bank statements.  So, I pulled out the little things I could work with and left the papers; which ended up going into one bag anyway.  The shredding bag was the same and so all that needed shredding went into that.  I found a few things I hadn't been looking for, but I thought were worth keeping for my writing; and added them to my bag of life history stuff (and I really have to sort that out too!  But that will be another day).
Then there was the chair near Grandpa's old writing desk.  It was almost unrecognisable.  So, I folded up the blanket and put it away, pulled all the stuff off it, put the old video tapes, scarves and other things into a bag and found a poster about reading and stuck that up on the end of the medium-sized bookcase just inside my door with Command sticky strips(each time I've put it there with Blu-tak, it's fallen down).  It's been overnight; and it's still there!  Usually it's not.
I sat down after a little while and drank more water as another dizzy spell hit me.   I hate them.  I've been getting them for a while now and they're not good.  I'm seeing a doctor next week, don't worry.
Anyway, it was time to clean up, but first, I had move something.  I moved the three-draw chest of draws in front of the left door of the wardrobe so I can see the bookcase from the door.  I looks better and neater; even if there's a few of the bags still on the floor and the clothes basket in here temporarily. 
There's still a lot to do in this office.  Even after I put away the box of unsoaked stamps, sorted out my birthday cards from last year and put them away and organised a file to put all Bookcrossing postcards and other things into over the next year or so.  It's still going to be a tight squeeze for a few things.  I'm still going to need a few storage boxes for some things here until I begin throwing things out again.

Later, at around 4:30pm, I decided to skip watching the news.  It was cool enough outside to get in and begin raking up the weeds from the back lawn.  Yep, my whole lawn had turned into a massive lot of weeds; a creeper in fact.  So, what I want to do over the next few weeks is pull them all out with the rake and put down good lawn seed, lawn food and make the lawn come back nice and lush just like last year.  I want to be able to mow my lawn and be proud of it.  Seeing I've gotten my pot plants back into order (which didn't take all that long), I'm trying to get my lawn back too before Summer comes along... now that shouldn't take long either.  Until my next post, take care. 

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