Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday At Last.

It's the end of another week; but I've still got a busy afternoon ahead of me.  And the weekend holds a few big events too.  But today, it's raining; even though it started out looking lovely.  Well, at least I got to check the mail and do a few things before it all began to get cool and rainy on us.
Right now, the birds are singing outside while the rain pours again.  The grey clouds are dulling the day down and I've had to turn on the light here in the office because once it get dark here, this room not only gets cold, but it also becomes very dark too.  But I've been busy on here.  I uploaded my photo onto 365 project of an unopened Native Iris, checked both my e-mail accounts and looked around on Bookcrossing.  Then, I harvested my farm on Farmville.  I don't have much money on there, but it's a cool thing to chill out on.
Today, I have plans to get into action before I have two friends arriving.  One of them has to return something I lent him; and the other tagged along to go to IKEA because it's near my place.  So, a quick tidy-up downstairs is needed.  It won't take long, and because the weather is a downer, I'll be using some music to get things going along.  Maybe some B52's or something just as good like 'Santana'.
Well, the toilets up here need to be cleaned, as does the basin and I have to put some clothes away in the bedroom too.  I also need to changed the sheets on the bed (but I'll do that tomorrow when I can wash them).  Then, I might even turn the mattress too and clean under the bed as well; all tomorrow.
The office still needs work.  I still have to put things away and sorting through other things too.  There's books to register on Bookcrossing and the desk here to tidy up completely so I can find things.  But it's getting there; really it is.  I'm finding that this place has to get messy first before it gets tidy and that can stress me out in a major way.  Otherwise, this is going okay.  I've been able to work through bags of stuff and have found up to three 'green' bags (synthetic grocery bags I take shopping every fortnight) and that's great!

With all this being tidied up, I completely forgot that I have been in this townhouse/unit complex for eight years now!  I moved in on 8th, September 2002 and haven't budged from here since.  And has a lot gone on!  
This place used to be so full of problems, Mum and Dad were worried sick about me for a good part of the early years.  We had drug dealers, gun runners and prostitutes and the police were called almost every weekend to deal with something here.  I got into the habit of deadlocking my doors and windows every night out of fear that I'd be broken into.  I didn't make many friends; and the friends I did make I didn't tell them much about me and I didn't let them into my house.  But it was an interesting insight into the slang of what drugs were called (which I won't put up here as this problem is now stamped out here).
We used to get break-ins a lot around here too.  And so, when that happened, we all kept to ourselves and just became spectators as the police did their investigations.  Just before my next door neighbour sold his unit, he was broken into; but I didn't hear anything, even though it was his kitchen window that they smashed and it was Summer when they did it (my back door would have been open; with the screen locked closed).
This unit complex has become a safer place since then.  I feel safe at night to sleep soundly enough that I sleep well; instead of wondering if anyone's going to try something around my place.  I keep to myself and have chosen my friends here wisely.  It's a matter of keeping your friends close but your enemies closer as living in one of these places can really be either a good step or bad one.  It depends on what kind of person you are.  Me?  When I first moved in, this place was drama central; until one day, I decided that if I wanted to join in the drama, it would follow me around.  When I decided to stand back and watch, the drama of the unit complex was like having an episode of 'Neighbours' being played out right in front of me.  All the characters were there, but it was up me if I wanted to be a main character or somebody who stayed in the background.  And being in the background is just as much fun; if not more, until it does really involve me.

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