Friday, September 3, 2010

A Zipping Week!

It's unbelievable that it's Friday already!  Where did this week disappear to exactly?  For me, it's been very busy; but a little slow at night as I live alone.  Otherwise, after Tuesday, the week slipped by quickly.
On Monday, I was at the Hygienist to get my teeth cleaned.  I hate going there as she uses a cleaning device that sounds like the drill but cleans all the crap off my teeth.  As we get older, though, they clean more stuff off our teeth and dig into our gums; and they really can get sensitive.  But I put up with it as it does help with my dental health.  I was told to floss more and that my brushing is going well.
Tuesday was a day of sitting around and writing, blogging and starting new stories on my vampire fiction and other things too on my writing world.  I had also almost finished a large square of my blanket for next year.  It's looking good.  I'll have to and get more wool soon seeing how fast this is taking shape.  I also wrote out the shopping list for this week, put out the rubbish and ended up skipping playing the piano for that day.
Wednesday was a wicked day for me!  Really, it started out as a blah day; but turned into a lovely one.  I was 15 minutes ahead of schedule for the whole day.  The mail was checked just after 9am, I walked along Kingston Road and past this house that had some bags of stuff sitting out the front when one of the bags had something in it that 'waved' at me.  I could have sworn it was a book cover... and when I turned around and looked closer, I found it was.  When I picked it up, there was another underneath it.... then another and, well, the whole bag was full of books in near-new condition!  So, I looked at the house they were in front of, picked them up and took them home.  Once home, I checked the bag (in case the public had used it as a garbage bag or worse) and found there were only books in it... nothing else.  What a find!  I dumped the lot just inside the front door with my curious little budgie looking on and went on my way to the bus stop.
The day wasn't over.  When I went to the Life Line, I
found a lovely little Oroton evening bag and quite a few other little coin purse and two wallets that looked like they had come in just for me to discover!  I also found a lovely stamp album for opening day stamps.  These are stamps that come in sets of 4, 5 or 6 and come with a commemorative envelope.  More often than not, they are collector's items after a little while because they are put out only once.  So, I got the album for Mum as it was empty.  What a good day for me.  The day was wonderful out shopping as I came in under budget and had purchased all I needed that day for the next two weeks.
Thursday was another day on the net.  I fiddled around on here and spent a good part of my day stuffing around and reading blogs until around midday when I went off to my volunteer work at the Logan Art Gallery.  We had a busy day there of school teachers and students bringing their artwork for 'Artwaves'.  It's an art initiative put on by the Logan Council to encourage kids in schools to take an interest in the arts; and they've really taken it to all kinds of levels where they use mixed media, clay and paintings as well.  The work these students present is fantastic!  Mum picked me up from the Gallery with Jay in the back seat.  What a great surprise to see this wonderful little dog greeting me from the Pajero... I was so surprised and gave her the biggest cuddle when we got to my place; but couldn't let her out of the car.
Then there's today... Mum and I finished the TSB across the road.  We had to put something on the top and complete it; and so I suggested a sun and birds and the people at Urban Smart Projects said that might work.  And so, we did that and it looks good. 
But what a day to do this on!  It was such a hot night and it stinker of day!  My legs got sunburnt and I was drinking either and Ice Break coffee drink or water all day or eating a snack... or resting a lot between coats all because it hot!  Otherwise, it was done within about 4 hours.  Not bad for just one or two things that needed to be finished.  
Tonight, I'm chilling out with some nachoes and a dvd after 8:30pm.  Then, it's off to bed with me.  So, how was your week?  All good and busy I hope. 

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