Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday At Last.

This weekend, I've spent most of my time looking for things; and a little of my time finding things I didn't know I was looking for them.  Strange how that happens.  But it's true.  I've been trying to write my life story every few years - as it occurs - because I don't have the best memory to remember it in ten years' time.  So, I'm writing it now.  Well, anyway, I'm writing this book and I've been looking for some hand-written stuff - a notebook - and do you think I could find it in the usual hiding spots?  Nope.  
Well, when I was about to give up, I grabbed an odd notebook from my desk and well, what do you know, it's the original notebook I've been looking for this whole weekend!  So, yesterday afternoon, I sat outside and went through a good part of it and found out what was going to be in this book and what was going to be left out.  The problem is:  I have written a good part of the book already and it's nowhere to be found.  Oh well, I'll start again.
Also this weekend, I've played some great vinyls.  When there's not much to listen to on the radio, or what on the television, I break out my vinyl collection and listen to great music that I've bought over the years.  And the wonderful thing is that it brings back some brilliant memories.  It helps with my writing.  Don't you notice that about music?  No matter where I am, if I hear a great song - and I remember where I was at a particular time when it was playing once - I can easily go back there mentally.

Well, I had a good weekend; as far as I was concerned on Saturday.  I had everything put in to the slow cooker for pumpkin soup, switched on the machine and then came upstairs to while away some hours on the net.  Well, 2pm came and I decided enough time has been spent and I checked on the soup to find the whole thing was still stone cold!  I wondered where I had gone wrong; then checked everything and realised I hadn't turned the slow cooker on at the wall!  What a doofus I felt like!  So, I didn't have the soup last night for dinner, instead I'll have it tonight for dinner as well as tomorrow night.
Today, I did another thing that was absent-minded.  I went out to the paper shop and bought 'The Courier Mail' instead of 'The Sunday Mail'.  I did think the paper was on the heavier side this morning, until I opened it and saw it was the wrong paper.  So, I took it back and asked to exchange it.  Thankfully the people let me.  Jeez, two days in a row and I do two funny things.  At least I know I'm lot losing it completely.  
 Last night, I watched 'Sparticus' with Kirk Douglas in it.  It was made in 1960 and I gotta say:  his son looks very much like him;  but Kirk has a more dignified stance.  The movie went until around 11pm; without any commercials, but I found it riveting.

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