Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Lazy Sunday

As the day draws to a close, here in Logan City, and clouds skud over the sky.  I realise that my birthday is next Tuesday... yep, the 5th, October.  It's the same day at Sir Bob Geldof and Guy Pearce; and I'm excited.  I love my birthday; truly I do.  I always have found it very cool to have a certain day of the year where everyone gets one person pressies, takes them out somewhere fun and they feel special for that day when they were born.
But today, I found, was very lazy.  I didn't wish to read the paper.  Nothing really caught my eye that I wanted to read.  I didn't want to read the book I had put aside to read... even though it's a lovely and charming fiction story set in early last Century and involves spending a month in a gorgeous castle in Italy... wonderful!  I almost didn't want to play the piano, but I did just to figure out how to play a new tune I've been trying to get my head around.  And I got my head around it... even though it drove me nuts while I did.
Yesterday, the AFL Premiership Game in Melbourne came to a draw between Collingwood and St. Kilda!  68 all!  Now they have to play a game this week to break it... weird and not fair on the players.  This is a weekend when Bathurst and the NRL Grand Final is on... not a fair lot of events to choose from when you like two of them.  But it's how it's turned out.

Well, I best be going.  Night is drawing ever closer and I have yet to cover the Bok Choy so the possums don't make a meal out of the young sprouts of it.  Have a great night and take care.

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  1. hey lynda... seems like a daydream sort of day... i am not sure if i will remember so happy birthday for next tuesday... i know your parents will give you a great birthday celebration ... enjoy the cake...