Friday, March 30, 2012

Been Busy & New Stuff

During the last few weeks, I've been getting some new things, getting rid of old things and finding that I need to get into some new routines.
The garden was fixed up with some of my own funds; and it's looking good (even if I need to replace the batteries with new ones or have to take back the lights because they're not working).  I'm looking at getting a new park bench next time.  It'll look good and be placed on the current tiles that are there and make the place look lovely and just the way I want it to: a book-reading haven.
Well, I've won a few things and bought a few things; much-needed things.  And I'm glad I did as they have led to me having the need to let go of them at the right time; and that time is just after my broken toe has healed up and I've taken up walking to get myself back into shape.
Yes, I have begun to walk up the road to Moss Street, cross over, then walk back down to collect the mail, then, walk down to Park Road and cross over there and come home.  It's a good 10 minute walk or so when I do it to music; and very pleasant seeing it's taken after breakfast and in the early hours of the morning.  However, I'm doing it to get my foot back into shape and to work the muscles in it properly again.  It hurts, but it's supposed to until it gets better; and that'll be soon.
Today, I didn't get a chance to walk early.  Instead I was off to Garden City nice and early at around 9am to pick up my 'Good Reading' Magazine then come home.  However, I ran into my Aunty Helen and we chatted and caught up quickly before parting ways.  She told me that her husband loved my book 'Graveyard Shift' which I had gotten published on Bibliotastic and he loves it.  Well, I was so happy another of my friends and family have read it.  Which has gotten me thinking of putting together another one in the coming months.
Not long after we parted, I went off to find some Sustigan at the chemist and found it was very expensive; priced at $27.99!  I was astonished at how much they were charging!  So, I said I'd give it a miss and went and bought myself a coffee at a new place called '1st Avenue'.  It was an ice coffee - which was rather expensive seeing I asked for no ice cream - and I was charged $5.90; and it was the most tasteless thing I'd ever had.  It was mainly just milk and cream... there wasn't much coffee taste to it.  I could have gotten a better ice coffee at Gloria Jeans - and probably gotten a free one there anyway with their discount card.  Well, I read my 'Good Reading' Magazine and was off to the bus.
I got off the bus at Compton Road and walked to the chemist and bought my Sustigan and decided to walk home from there.  So, I plugged in my iTouch, picked out Jamiroquai and boogied my way home with that band's great music playing through my head!  On the way home, I picked up the mail of my Gas Bill and a parcel of a prize from Triple M of 'Gold Watch' by The Hoodoo Guru's.  
What a great day!  I was online here for another few hours with a drink by my side before one of my friends - Cate - called me and it was time for me to help her put drops into her cat's eye.  Her cat, Gus, got some grass seed into his left eye and it became infected.  Now, we have to battle him and get some drops in twice a day to save his sight.  I'm on the night shift for his medications... he doesn't like me and I'm allergic to him - so we make a great pair.  Anyway, Cate appreciates what I'm doing and I don't mind walking over there and back to help out; that's what friends are for.  Well, it's getting late now and I must be off to bed.  Tomorrow is yet another day of tidying up - and this time, I must vacuum upstairs and put all the laundry away!  Until my next post, take care, keep warm and safe and remember, I'm always here.

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