Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Promises This Winter

I'm making myself promises this Winter to change a lot of things around my place.  And seeing I've got some thinking time to do just that, for now, I thought to get in and write them here.
I've been saving up big to get in and organise my garden.  Now, I've been saying that for a few years; and this year is the year where it will happen.  The crazy neighbour of the unit complex has left and now is the time to fix up the yard - to strike while the iron is hot - to make my place look classy and nice.  First the front garden area.  Years ago, I made it look a piece by making it into a lovey desert garden full of succulents and cacti.  However, some of my more selfish and destructive neighbours destroyed that.  So, I moved all the plants that survived out the back and let my front yard go to waste.  Now, I'm going to cover the ground with white river stones and border it with black uncut granite (they are bigger and less expensive) and leave the full-grown Small Leaf Jades in with the blue stone so that their colour pops more.  This will cost a bit, but I'll get that done first so it looks good now.
After I've saved up more money, I'll go and buy pots and potting mix and plants then get my butt into the backyard and repot most of the plants there while they are all dormant and 'sleeping' through the Winter.  By Spring and Summer, they'll be ready to grow and bloom again.  I'll also be adding to the yard some new plants to bring my yard some privacy, life and make it truly my own little universe.  
While I'm working on the plants, I'll also work on getting some statues and making it look and feel like it's bigger than it actually is; and find out what I can do with some of the space and work out some good little rooms I can create if I can.  I'll keep you posted about that plan of the yard.  I have photographed the yard in its present state, but what I really want to do is make the lawn space a little smaller and give it more character so I can look at it and know I've done a good job as well as not have to work on it too much (does that make sense?).  Well, until my next post, take care, keep warm and safe and remember, I'm always here.

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