Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What's On Your iPod?

Over Christmas, I received a 4th Generation Apple iTouch.  It was something I've been wanting for the last year to update my music gadgetry as my MP3 player wasn't working all that well and didn't hold all the music I wanted it to hold.  Dad tried to get me work it the way he worked his; however I kept on insisting was very old technology and was time for an update.
So, since Christmas, I have been uploading and purchasing music for my iTouch.  It's a lot of fun to work this little machine; and amazing how much it actually holds.  The brilliant thing is that one of my friends, Ruth, downloaded a lot of free music from her iPhone onto my computer just in case I happened to get one either an iPhone or iTouch in the future.  And what do you know?  I found a use for the music!  I ended up with such artists at 'M People', 'Kate Cebrano' and 'David Geutto'.  There's a bit of music there I really have to be in the right kind of mood to listen to it.  So, I've been uploading all kinds of music to my iTouch.
Over the last two years, I have rarely had to buy a cd to play on my stereo; as I've won most of my music off Triple M.  So, all of the music - and other cds I own - have been uploaded to this thin little piece of metal and glass for my entertainment.  On it, so far, I have Lenny Kravitz, Bon Jovi (2 albums), Madness (only 3 or 4 tracks), The Living End, The Cure, Jamiroquai, The Cruel Sea, Pink, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mozart (only one album, but it's got 57 tracks!), and Joe Satriani (2 tracks of his that I love from 'Surfing With the Alien').  And along with the others that Ruth left with me including two albums of The Wiggles, Kate Cebrano, UB40, The Doors, Queen and The Black Eyed Peas, that makes one heck of a lot of music I have; and the thing is only half full.  
However, I have found many other uses for this thing; other than just playing music on it.  I can take photos and make videos, access the internet on it, turn it into a phone (if I wish, but I don't) and take notes on a day.  Then, I can make appointments on it with the calendar, and then remind myself that I have made those appointments!  How very cool is that?  I can download books and magazines and newspapers, change the backgrounds on it, the settings and sounds in it... there's so much more you can do with an iTouch!  I could sit and fiddle with it all day if given half a chance; but I don't. 
The best thing I did was buy a lovely protective case for it a few days after I received it for Christmas from my folks.  It's a cute little Jaffa-type case and I love it; so does everyone else.  And the best thing is that it's so eye-catching that I can't lose it. 
In the last week, Mum has talked to me about iTouch's and asked what you can do with them.  I told her and have a feeling she's thinking of getting one for herself as well for her music.  I'll have to teach her how to purchase off the iTunes store and upload it all onto her iTouch if she decides to go in that direction.  It's so easy to do once you get the hang of it all.
Well, do tell, what do you have on your iTouch or iPhone that keeps you listening?  Is it all classical music or trance?  Love to know.  Leave a comment and fill us in on your musical tastes.  Until my next post, take care, safe and warm and remember I'm always here.


  1. I love my ipod and my iphone. I don't know how I survived for so long without them.

    I've got eclectic tastes in music, and that works just fine on the ipods. I've created different playlists. So one is classical music. Another is upbeat music to exercise to. Then there are the songs that I would have to sit and listen to if I were in my car and they came on the radio. Then there are the mushy love songs, Christmas playlist, etc., etc.

    Hope you're having fun with yours. I love mine!!

  2. I do love my iTouch... and like you I don't know what I'd do without it now. There's so much on it that I us. And now I listen to so much music, I don't go anywhere without it. :D

  3. owns a MP3 player that can store up to 4000 songs. Also I can store photos and vidoes but at present time I am just interested in listening to music while I am out on my walks.