Saturday, March 10, 2012

Oh Man! I'm A Clutz!

Tonight, I'm supposed to be out at a '80's Icon Party for a birthday.  However, instead I'm here writing this post with my foot up on a dis-used, broken shredder.  Yep, you read right, my foot.  I have broken a toe in my left foot and it hurts like hell.  
Okay, today was supposed to be different, fun, enjoyable, relaxing, silly... anything but agonising and feeling like I wanted to cut off my foot and put it somewhere until the pain went away.  I know that sounds stupid, but that's how I feel about pain; I want to disconnect and have it leave me alone until everything's okay again.  But our bodies don't work that way; and it'd be dangerous if they did.  
So, after I organise the rest of my outfit, I trundled downstairs and missed the last two, ending up on my knees... not a great sight or feeling.  It was horrible.  I sat up, swearing and cursing knowing I was a complete clutz for missing the steps I normally knew were there; and yet, as I stood, I felt immense pain in my left foot and sat back down again.  By the time I pushed my foot into a shoe and gotten myself to the shop and back, I knew something was wrong... as it never took me 10 - 15 minutes to get there and back (and getting back took longer than going there).  So, I called Mum and Dad and then the doctors and by 10:40am, I was off the doctors (this was after I climbed the stairs and shimmied down them twice on my butt - stop laughing, my foot hurt really badly).  
Dad arrived with the same walking stick I used for the recovery from my Melanoma and took me to the doctors where she confirmed it that one of my toes were broken... damn!... and she wanted x-rays.  So, we were off to the one at Rochedale; which ended up being closed... double damn!... so Mum called up the people at Woodridge and we made it there in record time and I ended up being the very last patient for the day.  And yep!  I have a hairline fracture on the tiny bone between the end bone and longer bone that connects to the foot itself... how bloody painful can it get?  Thank god I took three painkillers before I left the house!  They worked a real treat for the day.  I hung out at Mum and Dad's place and stuffed around on the net too... it was a good day.
Mum made me lovely lunch with a home made ice coffee (a big one as I needed the sugar) and then, she gave me some very sweet seedless was a good day.  But soon enough, it was time for me to go home.  I just wanted to be in my own place to have something to eat and settle in.  
When I did arrive, the truth stared me in the face that I wasn't going to the costume party... bummer!... and I really did want go to.  I had to learn to navigate around the house with this damned walking stick and my foot in a flip-flop!  My foot stiffened up, so I massaged the arch and then the toes ached swelled up, so I iced it... and once that stopped, I put the packed ice back in the freezer.  It's not going to be fun, but I'm hoping to keep off my feet by doing something I can do on my butt.
This something is sorting through and reading what I haven't finished by my bed.  It's a good way to keep it all in some kind of order.  If I can finish them - great!  I'll do a review and pass them onto another Bookcrosser.  However, if I can't finish them, I'll just chalk it up to a book I can't get into and give the said books away in a giveaway (I'll think of a name for it yet.  I'll just have to find out how many there are of books that I haven't been able to read).
So, that was the beginning of my weekend... not a great one, but not a great loss!  How was the beginning of your weekend?  What are you getting up to?  Let us all know.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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