Sunday, March 11, 2012

Changed Plans This Week

Isn't it funny when you do one little thing that it can change your whole world for the next week?  Amazing, eh?  Well, as you've read, I'm off my feet - literally - for the next week.  So, I have to change my plans for a few days.
First things were first, I went out and bought a paper.  This took about 20 minutes; when it normally took 2 minutes.  How frustrating!  But I got to see and talk to people I don't normally talk to.  And it was a nice - if not slow - start to my day.  My breakfast was cold by the time I sat down to it... oh well, doesn't matter, porridge is porridge.  
But that's when I began planning what I needed to do for the next week.  I had an appointment to cancel at the CRS tomorrow morning and my shopping list to get written today for Mum to take me shopping on Wednesday.
However, I'm going to mainly be sitting down and reading and knitting today and tomorrow as much as I can.  I know that sounds dead boring to some of you, but really, I have had a pile of half-read books by my bed that I need to finish that have been there for the last 6 months!  I kid you not!  They are my guilty pile I keep running into and it's time I looked at them and figured out if I'm ever going to finish them; and this week is the perfect time to do just that!
So, today, I pulled out my trusty backpack and brought it upstairs with me and have piled about 10 books into the bag to take with me downstairs to pile onto the coffee table so I can work through them.  If I can finish a couple of them, great!  If I pick one up and find it dead boring, well, I suppose it's not meant to be.  I have a book or two that are borrowed from a friend; and he's asked if I'm finished with them.  The first one is in this particular pile and I'm going to look into reading this first book.  I hope I do get into reading it and enjoy it as it's a Sara Douglass book and she passed away recently.  
I've also got some serious knitting to get done. So, yesterday, while I was getting ready to go out, I tidied up my living room of all the balls of yarn and stuck them into the green bag by the credenza.  When I arrived home, I put that bag next to the lounge so I can easily pull my knitting out and work on it.  It'll still be there this week for me to work on when I'm not reading.  I've also got some dvds I'd like to watch before the week is out as I've got some looking at me through the glass where the stereo sits waiting for me to watch (and Mum got me them months ago and I still haven't watched them!  Sorry Mum, been busy) them.  So, I'm going to watch them too.  
Well, I thought I might be bored this week... along with my shopping day on Wednesday, I will have a lot to do.  I might even get in and do a little organising on the garden more... and see where I can save more money.  Until my next post, take care, keep warm and safe and remember, I'm always here.


  1. Hope your toe gets better soon.

  2. Thanks mate. It will take a little time. Just gotta stay off it for a few hours a day; and I'll be fine. :D Thanks for your wishes. :)