Monday, March 12, 2012

Thinking Time

With my whole week turned into slow motion with the assistance of a walking stick, I have found that everything has to be done in its own time.  I can't rush anywhere or I'll feel like somebody's pushing a sharp stick straight through my left foot!  And with that pain, I feel sick to the guts.  So, going slow, not twisting around too quick and making sure I'm on a flat surface does me wonders. 
I'm also planning ahead for the day.  Yesterday, I found myself hobbling around the lounge, tidying it up so I could stretch my left leg along it comfortably without bumping anything.  This was harder than I thought possible.  I had to make sure all the remote controls were within reach, as well as the cordless phone (thank god I got new batteries for that thing!) and my mobile, camera and my iTouch.  Then, I piled up the books from next to my bed that I wanted to sort out, my journal, the book I'm writing for Riley, a notepad for the shopping list this week and my knitting bag with my needles inside it.  It was then I had to also make sure the television was switched on at the wall as well and figure out if all the dvds that I wanted to watch were where I thought I had left them (and they were).  
By this time, I was out of breath and really needed a drink to pull my sugars back up.  I grabbed the walking stick and limped off to the kitchen and made myself a nice, tall ice coffee... yum!... and then found it twice as hard to take it back to the coffee table!  I had to play a silly game of relay with the glass!  I put it on the kitchen counter, then had to leave the kitchen, round the corner, down the hall, into the living room, grab the glass, put it onto the kitchen table, then move a bit closer to the coffee table and then, pick it up again make sure I didn't spill any as I put it on the coffee table as I balanced on my right foot along with the walking stick... it was like having a home version of an obstacle race in slow motion.  And it was annoying as hell too.
The best thing I did was call a friend of mine I hadn't talked to in months.  We've been friends since high school and can pick up from a conversation from last year after 6 months... and that's very cool!  She heard about what I happened on Saturday morning and said it will take ages for the pain to leave me alone, but I'll be okay.  Then, we laughed about funnier things - like when her brother cooked a rotten egg, thinking he could cook it out!  Yuk!  It was one of the funniest things I've ever heard!  I told her about the book I'm doing up for Riley and she reckons I'm one of the best examples of an Aunty she knows; one who is supposed to spoil their niece (because that's how it goes) seeing I don't have any children myself.  We talked about Dad's new car, relationships, hexes and other things as well before she had to go.  And when I looked at the time on the phone, we had been talking for 1 1/2 hours!  For the next few hours, I watched a few sitcoms, wrote out the shopping list and sorted through a couple of books that were piled on top of my coffee table, and before I knew it, 3 hours had passed!  It was a good afternoon of rest for my foot, but it was also time for dinner.  So, up onto my feet again I was!
Today, I'll be doing the same thing after I take a nice hot shower and washing my hair.  I wonder how many books I'll be looking at today.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.  

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