Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St Paddy's Day!

Yep, today is St Paddy's Day but Brisbane had their parade for it last week - how strange is that?  So, really it felt like any other day.  Why is that?  Well, today is The World's Greatest Shave Day... where everyone who has raised money around Australia goes to an event (well over the last three days really) and gets their hair coloured or shaved.  I had a bit of both done.
But my day didn't start out at the event.  It started out somewhere completely different.  I was at home, at around 8:30am getting ready to leave to go to the Springwood East Community Centre for their thrift Sale.  Everything there was under $5.00!  What a bargain!  So, Mum picked me up and we drove straight there, parked and walked in.  I looked around quickly and then went back to look at the plants that were on sale.  I wanted to see what I could get for the best prices.  I bought four plants; two were $5.00 and two were $2.00... what a great deal!  And the best deal was that one of them - a collection of succulents - had their own little terracotta pot; and it was only $5.00.  I loved it immediately.  Dad thought I got a great deal; seeing I'm trying to fix up the yard a bit and get more plants for it.  This is the best place to buy the plants you want for your yard; as they are from other people's yards where they've grown them themselves.  Now, to buy some new - larger - pots and good-quality potting mix and I'll be under way to make these plants really grow.  
Once I had bought myself what I wanted from the Thrift Sale, Dad drove me to their place and he made Mum and him some coffee.  It was good to have a rest before the event of the World's Greatest Shave.  I got changed into an old shirt and Mum returned home with some plants and a few books.  And she had a look at my books while I looked at her choice of books; then the next thing we knew, we were off again!  We drove to the Centro at Springwood and parked underneath Woolworths, walking up to the event where we could hear them talking about it all.  I signed in and was the next person up for my colouring... but I had a plan!  I wanted to get a bit of shaving done too.
I asked the hair-dresser to quietly shave some from the back - underneath my hair - and she asked the other hair-dresser to help her.  The MC didn't know what was happening either - and Mum was asking me from the audience:  "What are you doing?" I started to laugh!  It was hilarious!  I started to laugh as the MC began to make fun of me and the hair-dressers!  What a fun time!  Then, came the colours!  I said to have fun with the colour; but not blue.  She said that blue wasn't given to them.
Well!  By the end of the whole thing, I had been shaved a bit and had a head of hair that made me look like a melted packet of Skittles... yep, I could just hear the motto:  "Taste the Rainbow" in my head... as that's exactly what I looked like!  Very cool, very funny and I'm enjoying my very new hair-do! Mum's not sure of it, Dad thinks it's different but I like it... it's fun.
It's been a long day and I'm looking forward to a nice early night tonight.  I am happy with my new plants; and I'm looking forward to reading the books I bought.  Until my next post, have a great St Paddy's day and don't drink too much green beer!  Keep safe and warm and remember I'm always here.

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  1. How did you go with the fund raising for the World's Greatest Shave Week?