Monday, March 5, 2012

Fun, Wet Sunday

Since late last night, I've had songs of Jamiroquai bouncing around in my head.  Yesterday was just like a whole bunch of them... really.  I thought it was going to rain but it fined up and I caught my buses out to Eagle Street Pier and jumped on a City Cat to the Powerhouse.  And I arrived right on midday where the breezes were lovely, summery and warm.  The sun was out and pretty too.  Will was the only one there sitting on the picnic table and he called out to me.  We were all supposed to meet up at the gazebo, but there was a birthday party going on there; so met up at the last place we were at last month.
I joined him on the table and pulled out the cd I burnt for him on Saturday morning of Jamiroquai's 'High Times' and in turn he gave me a necklace he made for me.  I put it on and found it did help me during the meditation; keeping my mind on the visualisation.
Before everyone else arrived, I we chatted and I showed Will some of the gear I brought with me that I wasn't going to show anyone else; like my Witch's Wand and Book of Shadows.  He was amazed at how beautifully-made the wand was and sad that The Crystal Man at the Southbank Markets no longer sold them.  He did say that I got a good deal on it though; considering the size of the crystals and the stone that was attached to it.  But he wouldn't open my BoS; saying it was more of private thing, knowing it was something of a bible for me to read and refer to and write in.  I told him that there were only spells, oils, the meanings of stones and moon phases in it; that's all.  Nothing personal, but I did know a few darker spells and didn't know what to do with them.  Will said to get another BoS and make sure it's got a lock on it to keep the dark spells in; so that they are safer, which makes sense.
He looked at all my crystals and loved the Rose Quartz I had (which is the biggest crystal I have) and said that I had a good little collection so far; and the little bag of stones I showed him were cute.  He could identify most of them, but not all of them.
Before we knew it, a few others showed up and we all put our food on the table and began to eat while Will spread out a tarp and his blanket to put out his massive crystal.  This was when I pulled out my crystals (minus my wand and Book of Shadows and Tarot Cards) to have them placed.  We ate and enjoyed the company of everyone as more arrived - but not as many as last month - and Will, Yang and I stretched ourselves with Yoga on the damp grass before the meditation began.  However before we could all sit, a heavy shower of rain came over and we sheltered under the massive tree.  A few of us had brought along umbrellas and I had fortunately thought to use my Boag's bag (which is insulated inside) and so none of my electronic gear got wet.
Once the shower passed and we uncovered the crystals, put out more blankets, we all sat around and Deb lead the meditation.  She did a Gnome Meditation this time; which involved crystals and personal messages.  It was great for me because I found I could concentrate better.  However, almost as soon as it was finished, and we had talked about our messages, we packed up and took off because it was getting dark and looking like more rain was on its way.  Will and I caught the next City Cat.  I got off at Southbank (as last time when I got off at Eagle Street Pier, it was completely deserted and spooky; and I got lost on the way to Lower Edward Street), and he stayed on board until his stop around the bend of the river.  Then, I walked to the bus stop on Melbourne Street and waited for around 20 minutes to catch a 555 bus to Springwood.  Once on board, I went to sms Mum when she called me and I told her what happened.  
When I arrived at Springwood the sun had just gone down and Dad picked me up.  He asked me lots of questions to do with this new group I was with.  Both Mum and him are concerned about how late I was getting home and I tried to explain that it wasn't my fault that it rained at 3pm when we wanted to do our meditation.  However, when I was on the phone to Mum later last night, I explained where I was in town and she relaxed knowing that Southbank was safe enough and crowded too.  
I tried to get an early night, after my shower and after eating some leftovers from Saturday night.  But, once the rain began (and I got the ABC channels back onto my HD Box - yay!), I found myself in bed by around 11pm.  I was stuffed, but I was glad to get to bed and asleep.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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