Friday, March 23, 2012

A Big Week!

It's been a big week of new things, unusual things and loud things going on here at home and around the unit complex.  And it's also been the first week of my garden changing from its dowdy, old, weedy existance and into something I'm going to be proud of over the next year.  However, allow me to begin right at the beginning; as it's usually the best place to start.
About two months ago, I bought a new Gardening Journal, as my old one wasn't being used and wasn't big enough for me to write down everything in absolute detail.  It was nice, but it didn't open right up on a table complete and I needed something that was going to last me longer.  So, I bought a Garden Journal from The Book Warehouse for $4.95... what a steal!
The next thing I had in mind was to begin saving up like crazy to work on my garden.  So, I did, I began putting away as much money as I could and ended up with around $100 (actually more!) to spend on the garden.  
Then, this week, I had my list of items from Bunnings I wanted to buy and asked my Mum and Dad to see if one of them would help me transport my items home.  They said they would; and this was after I bought up big at a Community Thrift Sale at Springwood of plants - four gorgeous plants for under $20!  Now, that's a bargain.  By Tuesday morning - in between heavy showers of rain - I had them all in their new pots with new potting mix and sitting out in the gorgeous rain getting their nutrients from the sky.  
I had also received my prize from Triple M; a JB Hi-Fi voucher to the value of $250!  How great is that?  And this was only one day after my HD box had screwed up royally.  So, Dad and I drove up to Garden City to the place and he suggested I invest in buying a new television with a tuner inside it.  But I had plans for my voucher; just a few other plans... not many.  I wanted two cds and a $50 iTunes card - which I got - and the television was also included.  
Dad and I looked around Garden City after the big purchase, and after I bought some brushes and paint at Riot Art across the way from JB Hi-Fi and then we had some lunch.  Next thing we knew, we were on our way home to my place to set up the television.  While I made him coffee, he put it together on my coffee table and we tuned it in and made sure it was working.  I have spent the rest of the week sorting out the settings.
Anyway, I began working on my self-portrait again with my new brushes - and after sorting out my older brushes - organised the garden (again) so that the plans that love the sun, get it, and the ones that don't mind the sun but love the shade too get that as well.  So, that was this arvo.
However, this morning was also exciting.  I was eating my breakfast when the recycling truck came around to pick up the bin at the back of the complex.  It swung around the second-last corner and clipped one of the carports, taking it down!  Wow!  Did it make a loud noise!  I thought something on the truck dropped, until it switched off and hadn't moved for a few minutes.  So, I went out there armed with my camera to see what happened.  And what a mess!  The whole thing was pulled forward, ripped off the wall of the unit and onto the car that was parked there!  The resident was standing outside with a cup of coffee looking very sleepy had been sleeping at the time as he was a night-shift worker.  He told me it felt the whole unit shake and thought it was an earthquake and came outside to find his carport on his car.  Well, JJ Richards (the rubbish company) came out and took photos, got the driver to write a report, took photos of the damage on the car and then organised to take away the damaged carport.  They are taking full responsibility for the whole thing and offered to pay for the damage on the resident's car too - which a weight off his mind.  By 10am, the carport was taken away, the resident was back asleep and his car was parked in an empty car spot nearby.  All was quiet again around the complex... excitement over.  However, the Body Corporate Chairperson was notified about it all.
So, that was my Friday all done up and over and done with.  It's late, quiet outside and quite warm tonight.  And tomorrow, Queensland residents have to vote on a new Premier to run our state.  Personally, I used to love to vote, but now, I hate it; as the advertising campaigns are back-stabbing little games from one party to the next.  And we don't need to know what each party thinks of each other, we want to know what they are going to do for us.  Are they going to improve the roads?  Are they going to improve the health system?  What about getting all of the buses in each and every town running on the same damned timetable?  Is it too bloody hard to do that for people who would love to spend more time in the city but who live out at Logan City?  Or is the Queensland Government too dumb to realise us people in Logan City and Beenleigh have friends beyond Garden City and Mount Gravatt? 
Okay, sorry about that... had to vent.  I'm off my soapbox.  It's very hard to get around when you don't have a car and only have public transport to use.  Until my next post, take care, keep warm and safe and remember, I'm always here.

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