Friday, March 16, 2012

Up And About!

Yesterday, I committed a sin in my house... this sin was watching daytime television!  Yes, it's a big no-no to turn on the television and watch anything from the television times during the day as it makes one a couch potato.  And this was a promise I made myself years ago; the main reason why my television is always switched off at the wall.
Anyway, I had finished stuffing around on the computer here and thought to go downstairs and see what I could do there.  My foot was hurting more than usual after my shower, so I thought to surf the channels to see what movie was on... not much, until I found 'The Doctors' on channel 90.  This is a panel of 5 doctors who are from different fields who help people through a television show.  There's an ER doctor, a plastic surgeon, a women's health doctor, a nutritionist and a GP.  And they all work together on this panel... it's a good show and goes for an hour.  Then, after it finished, I turned over to channel 7 where 'Dr Oz' was having fun with his audience; getting them to interact and look at their fingernails and understand about house hold cleaners... it was funny and good.  Meanwhile, I sat on the lounge and worked on a painting that had been sitting idle for about three months.  Over the two hours I sat there, I made it look good... and I'm glad I got something done on it.

Today, I woke up, looked outside and realised that yesterday's television viewing wasn't going to happen again.  I needed to get back into my usual routine of laundry and keeping the house running - sore foot or not.  So,I grabbed a rubbish bag from the office and stuffed my dirty laundry into it, tied it up and tossed it down the stairs where it landed against the front door.  Okay, that was ready to go, I readied myself to get down the stairs in a more orderly fashion.  
Once downstairs, I opened up the house, went outside and pulled the towel off the Basil plant and looked around, then put on the first load of laundry - towels - and started the washing up.  Then, once the first two loads of laundry were out on the line, and I had eaten breakfast, I readied myself for the long walk to the post office (I say long because my pace has slowed somewhat since last week).  
Anyway, once there, I faxed a bank, sent off a cheque from my health care fund and got money out and had a chat to the people who ran the post office as they asked me what happened for me to be on a walking stick.  It was then time for me to recharge my phone at the service station across the road.  So, I did that and chatted with the lady there too before returning home.
All of this took me about an hour when usually it took me twenty minutes if I didn't have the broken toe.  By the time I had returned home, I thought to phone Will and see how he's doing and we chatted for 20 minutes and he was happy to know I'm healing well.  He thought my shopping day was funny - with me in a wheelchair for the day - and said he had Sunday and Monday off and was looking forward to them. 
Well, that's been my day so far.  I've still got a few things to do around the place before I finish up for the week.  However, tomorrow is sure to be a big day for me as it's The World's Greatest Shave day... and I'll be out of the house before 8am.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here. 


  1. I meant to email to ask you Where was the hair dye event (for Shave for Cure Day) to take place but I guess it would be all over by now. The schools didn't get involved with it this year.

  2. Aaahh, yes... it's on today... however I've been and gone about and hour or so ago. :)

    There's always next year, mate. And it was a lot of fun this time... shocked Mum when I shaved a bit off the back. :P