Saturday, March 31, 2012

March Is Something Different!

This month has really been something out of the ordinary; honestly, I haven't been so busy in my life!  I'm not really sure where to begin... well, at the beginning of the month, of course!  But that seems so far away and a long time ago; and not thirty-one days ago.
On the first week of this month, I went out to see the last days of the Matisse exhibition at the GoMA.  There were so many people there - not to mention school groups!  And I met up with Will afterwards for something to drink and eat.  But the day was so very hot; and such a change to our cooler Summer.
Then on the Sunday, I saw Will again at the Meditation Sunday where we all got together and hung out at New Farm Park.  It started out as a lovely sunny day, but it soon turned overcast and we had a few showers; but the main heavy shower came in the afternoon just before we all sat down to do our meditation.  On that day, Will also gave me a necklace of Black Tourmaline to help me be more grounded; and it works!  I gave him a burnt copy of a 'Jamiroquai' album I have in my collection.  We all had a great time and packed up soon after the meditation finished as it was beginning to get dark.
Then, I did a stupid thing: I stumbled down the last two steps in my house and broke a toe.  Yep!  The day after I went to my chiropractor, I went and stuffed up all her good work and turned into a clutz.  So, for the last few weeks I've been limping around with a walking stick feeling horrible.  And it's been only the last week that I've ditched the stick... thank god!
This broken toe caused me to have to change the plans for many things the following week.  I had to cancel my CRS appointment and get Mum and Dad to take me to do my grocery shopping in a wheelchair.  I also couldn't attend a costume party where I was going as Cyndi Lauper... damn!  And I had the whole thing set out on the bed the morning I broke my toe.  Well, this gave me the good excuse to clean the house up and make sure my lounge had enough space on it for my foot so I could rest it.  My downstairs hadn't been so tidy in its life!  Well, okay, the kitchen floor wasn't, but then, I wasn't worried about that.  The lounge were clean and the countertops were too.  
And the day Mum and Dad took me shopping it poured rain!  That'd be right.  The one day I had to go out, it rained and the rest of the time, when I didn't need to be in a chair, the sun was out.  But each time I was in a shop - and the shop assistants knew me - they were stunned to find me in a wheelchair; asking what happened.  I told them the funny and short version of the story; and fortunately, the next time they saw me, I was only limping slightly.
On St Patrick's Day, I was out and about doing a lot of things that aggravated my sore foot; but it was for a good cause.  First, though, I was out at a community thrift store at the Springwood East Community Centre where I bought up big some new plants... very cool!  Once we got back to Mum and Dad's place, I got changed and ready for the World's Greatest Shave event and drove down to the Springwood Centro to get my hair coloured and shaved... that was fun to do; and I shocked the hell outa Mum.  We went and bought some things and got back to the car and went back to their place.  Then I arrived home in time to have a hot shower and get the colour out of my hair and let it dry on its own.
During the second half of March, I was very busy - despite having to hobble around on a walking stick.  I didn't want to be stuck on my butt and thinking about what I could be doing when I could actually be doing it.  So, I asked Mum and Dad if they could help me transport some gardening supplies from Bunnings to my house one day.  This day was on 19th, March... a Monday afternoon.  I grabbed a trolley, put the stick into it and found the gardening section.  I put 4 bags of potting mix onto the bottom of the trolley and then we found some decent terrcotta pots - one round one and two tall rectangular ones - and then I looked at the sculptures.  But none of them were worth the money, so I put them back.  I bought some solar lights and a happy plant (for indoors; which is going well!) and then we were off.  I spent around $100 all up on my gardening gear and Dad unloaded almost all of it for me.  The next day, in between showers of rain in the morning after breakfast, I took one hour to pot all the new plants I had bought on the previous Saturday.  It was great fun to get my hands dirty.  However, I still had a problem with my garden... I had a favourite plant which had a Green Ants' nest in it and didn't know how to get rid of it.  On advice of some friends online, I drowned the little buggers - and killed their Queen also - and repotted it successfully into a lovely new pot.  Now, it looks gorgeous and can grow bigger and better than it has in the last 6 years.
On the same day that I repotted my plants, I also checked the mail and found that a $250 voucher had come in from Triple M for JB Hi-Fi... how cool is that???  So, I called Dad (as Mum was off playing Mah Jong) and told him I was going to Garden City.  He said he'd take me there and we could look around.  Well!  We ended up with a new television for me and a couple of cds and a $50 iTunes card.  I also went and bought some new detailing brushes and a tub of white paint from the art store across the way from the new JB Hi-Fi store there... it was on the same floor; so why not?  We had a look around at Harvey Norman, where he bought something there, and then dropped the things off at the car then came back and had lunch.  I just wanted to spend some time with my Dad - something I don't do very often.  He expected me to want to go home, but really I was getting tired of being home as well.  We spent an hour or so getting the new television set up and going; and I spent the rest of the night getting the settings right and giving myself a headache with the brightness of the picture; not very pleasant.
On 26th, March, it was Epilepsy Awareness Day.  This is where you wear purple to bring out into the public the awareness of Epilepsy and how it affects people and their families.  I went all out and wore everything purple... hat, scarf, shirt... the whole lot.  It was fun!  I had a great day; even though I was at home.
Then, something bad happened on Blogger.  It's been a recent thing.  Since around Tuesday or Wednesday, I've been unable to comment on anyone else's blogs; well the ones where I have to prove I'm not a computer anyway.  Since I have turned off that part of the commenting procedure, each of my followers don't have the problem... that's why you all can still comment here and on my other blogs.  However, if you try commenting on any other blog on my sidebar, you may run into some problems or your  comment will vanish altogether.  Well, I've made a formal complaint (along with other bloggers) to Google and they still haven't fixed the problem completely.  Let's give it a week and see how it all goes, eh?
Well, that's about it from me this month.  It's been a busy month, an exciting month, a painful month and a fun one too.  And just this morning - before I began this post - Dad came by and picked up some gear to take to the tip (rubbish tip at Browns Plains) to get rid of.  The stuff has been sitting around in my carport for over a year and now there's only one item left and I'm giving it to Life Line for their warehouse at Woolloongabba which was burnt down a few days ago; and they lost everything!  I'm also donating my old television and HD box with books and remotes.  Seeing they all still work, it's only right that somebody else has them.  Well, until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here. 

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