Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New! New! New!

This week has been a week of new, new things!  Honestly it has!  And it's only Wednesday.  I think it's only going to get better. 
On Saturday just gone, I bought some new plants at the Springwood East Community Centre thrift store.  They only cost me $14.00 all up.  I love getting cheap plants; especially when they are going to grow and work well in my yard.  And the great thing is that they were growing in other people's gardens before they came to me... so I know they were florishing somewhere else beforehand. 
Then, on Monday, I was out and about again with Mum and Dad at Bunnings spending up really big on new terracotta pots, potting mix and solar lights for my garden.  I hadn't spent money on my yard in... well, ever.  And so, around $100 later, I have the beginnings of a great garden of peace and harmony.  I did find a plant I wanted to repot that had a Green Ants' nest thriving in it, however I've since gotten around it and been able to repot the plant successfully without becoming a meal for those ferocious ants.
Then, yesterday, a JB Hi-Fi voucher I won from Triple M arrived in the mail.  It was for $250 and I began to wonder what I'd spend that much money on as I waited for the heavy shower of rain to pass at the post office.  Seeing I had a sore foot, I wasn't in any hurry to be anywhere; so I just sat down and waited and used my imagination.
Once home, I called Dad and asked him if he could take me to Garden City, or if not, I was going up there if he was looking for me.  He said he could after lunch.  So, we drove up there.  I was hoping to replace my set top box that had screwed up the night before in a royally bad way for over 2 hours.  However, Dad had other plans.  He suggested we spend the whole voucher on part of a new television for me.  I wanted to buy some cds (as I've always won cds I've gotten over the last few years; how cool is that?).  So, I was shown the music section of the store and the cd of the Chili Peppers I was after and I found there was another one by The Cure I wanted too.  And I also wanted to get a $50 iTunes card as well while I was there.  So, after all that, we had the television (which Dad and I sort out the paying of the difference of) and then he wanted to look at something else instore.  I said I needed to get something at the Riot Art store across the way.
I was in Riot Art for less than 10 minutes when I came out of the store and looked around and found Dad making a phone call... to my phone.  It was funny.  He said he was calling me to find out which store I meant.  I pointed out the one I had come from.  Well, JB Hi-Fi didn't have what he was looking for and he wanted to go to Harvey Norman.  So, we went there to look for electronic photo frames; and we found one.  He bought it and sussed out some lounges and Ezyboy chairs... noice!  Then, after we put our items into the car, we were back at the lunch court for something to eat.  I had a veggie-whopper value meal and Dad had a pork curry... both our meals were nice and we were off home to put together the television set and set it up.
This didn't take long.  I made him a coffee and he had a chat with Little Miss Stevie... who was a real flirt all afternoon.  By the time he left, I was fiddling with the lighting on the television, the colour and contrast and backlighting.  It took me all night, but I think I got it right... and I also copped a headache from the thing too!  But tonight, I'll get it all right and it won't be so bad.
Before repotting - and with problem Green Ants' nest.
After repotting and fixing the Green Ants' nest... but they'll return.
Today, I had to fix a plant up that I had problems with the other day.  It's a favourite of mine that has a Green Ants' nest.  Some of my friends on Bookcrossing advised me to dunk the whole plant into a bucket of water and leave it there for 2 hours.  I did that and the nest was abandoned long enough for me to repot the plant.  The ants weren't all that pleased about being relocated, but at least the plant can grow now; as that's what I want it to do in its new pot; and just look at the difference a new pot can do for  plant!
Well, that's been my week so far... and it's only Wednesday!  Wow... what else is going to happen?  Until my next post, take care, keep warm and safe and remember, I'm always here. 

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