Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Blast From the Past

I've had a good weekend - if you don't count the goose chase of a day called voting day.  I spent a good part of yesterday morning with my parents trying to vote on who runs this chicken farm called Australia.  After one school was closed - because the polling
booths had been moved and nobody was told - and the next school we tried out had a line where we had to wait 45 minutes to get in, Dad drove us to Springwood State High School.
Now, this place has some memories for me from my childhood that I remember well; and all good ones.  As we drove through the gates at the top of the hill and took the long road to the school, Mum said she didn't remember the last time we were at the school.  I said that I did; and it was when I was a little gymnast aged 9 years old for the Springwood
Springers.  We met in the gymnasium and as we came to the end of the road, we found that the old place hadn't changed much; just had more gardens around it more buildings as the school grew over the years.
We walked up after parking the car and found that we were going to vote in the gymnasium.  And as I waited outside for my turn to go in and get my named crossed off, I told the lady who was standing at the door that the last time I was here was as a child.  She asked why and I told her about my days as a little gymnast... she thought it was great that I remembered it so well and fondly too.
As I walked into the place, I looked around and found the place inside had changed a lot more than I thought.  Sure, the stores rooms (where the mats were kept along with the equipment) was still at the same end and the markings on the concrete were the same, but the whole place had underdone a rejuvenation and it was new.  My memory of the place may have been clear to me, but there were things around the place that weren't there before.  But that's progress.
I'm just glad the building is still there.  My memory of it was without the gardens and mainly it being surrounded by just dirt and not much else as the school was still growing slowly.  
So, what have you revisited lately that has been an absolute blast from your past?   Did it change colour, shape or stay the same?  Did you feel the same about the place as you walked through it?  Or were your feelings new and exciting because the place was still there after so long?
Well, until my next post, keep warm - or cool - whatever your case may be.

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