Saturday, August 21, 2010

Voting Day Shamozzal

Springwood Central Poling Booth
What a mess today has been!  This morning, I woke early and went to the local school on Smith Road to vote to find it was closed and there were people arriving to do the same; it was 8am, when the voting poles opened.  While I was standing around wondering who the hell to call,  a car pulled up and a lady go out, called somebody and shouted out that the Polling Booths had been moved to Jean Street.  This is another half hour's walk away for me... and put other people off.  My question today, is:  why weren't we told that this was going to happen?
So, I called my parents and told them.  I was really mad about this.  They weren't too pleased that I couldn't get my voting done as early as I usually do.  This meant they had to drive me to a school to vote - as well as themselves.

By 10:30am or so, we were off to Springwood Central Primary School where we found there was no signage, very little direction of where the booths were in this school.  When we finally did find them, there was a 45 minute wait to get in.  Dad said to stuff this and we took off to yet
Springwood High School Polling Booths
another school:  Springwood State High School.  This school never does poling booths, but it was there we voted.  It took no time at all and we heard that at Springwood Road Primary School, the lines were as long as Springwood Central.  

This was a ridiculous day of running around and stupid for us to have to find out through other people while we were out and about on the day where to vote.  I was not told of the school around the corner not being used for poling booths; and yet there's still another 8 hours or so to go until they close... which will make it a very long day; and still there
will be people who won't be able to vote because they will be mis-informed about where the poling booths are and aren't.

So, why is it that we are kept in the dark about where to vote?  Is there really so much to hide from us that they don't want to fair fight on this day?  If so, what's to hide that's so bad? 

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  1. This is what happens. It is more likely with the Government politicising what is supposed to be apolitical.

    Still, I love the election result. Internet fascism is DEAD! Controlling the art will have to die now too.