Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August Is Something Different!

This month has been very busy!  My brother bought a wicked coffee machine and brought it to Mum and Dad's house to set up.  After much trial and error and waiting for the temperature to get up, we had coffee!  It was lovely, but my brother being a perfectionist wasn't pleased with it.  He said that because they bought the coffee beans at a shop like Woolworths, he thought it would taste better.  Well, if you buy retail, it won't taste as good.  I suggested he try out Gloria Jean coffee beans as they sell them fresh at the coffee shops and you can sometimes test them out before you buy.  He said he'd have a look around.
On the following week of the 7th, August, I had the most horrendous headache had haunting me.  When I was in bed sleeping, I was fine.  I was also fine when I was playing the piano.  However, if I was doing anything else, well, I had a thumping headache, my eyes felt like they were out on stalks and I could barely eat or stand daylight.  So, off to the chiropractor I went and he found out that I had moved my head around in a funny way and made one of my neck bones press against the base of my skull... not a pleasant way to feel.  But he said that I had that neck bone pushing right up against my skull for the whole week.  He said that being in bed was probably alleviating the pressure and the posture that I sat at the piano for was also the correct sitting position we all need to sit with.
I've been painting a Traffic Signalling Box across the road from my unit complex.  They change the lights at intersections and can be pretty boring-looking as they are normally painted an army green or gray colour.  So, what the Queensland Main Roads Department has thought of over the last few years or so is to get artists from all over Brisbane to paint the signaling boxes so they didn't get tagged by kids who think it's cool to put their initials on everything.  I saw the one across the road and thought it would be fun to paint one of these things.  After handing in a design, and having it accepted, I asked Mum if she wanted to do it with me.  She jumped at the chance; but at the same time, she was asked to help Aunty Helen with her high school's big celebration (I think it's its 50th Anniversary I'm not sure) and so, Mum's been splitting up her time between me and Aunty Helen.  Painting the TSB has been physically and mentally a massive challenge for both of us; but it's been fun.
I won a double pass to see 'Salt' with Angelina Joli in it; and I took Mum to see it.  Seeing it was being shown in the city, we had to organise ourselves for the day and catch a bus in.  It was also on one of my paydays... so that was different too.  It was a very exhausting day.  Ian Skippen was there from Triple-M Radio station and he was disgusted about how people just kept on dribbling in when he had begun talking; saying to quickly find a seat.  Even then, they just stopped and looked at him as though they were staring into a set of oncoming headlights.  Idiots!  And even when the lights were down, people were still coming in!  There was even a couple who brought in a new-born baby!  What?  They couldn't find friends who didn't want the ticket?  Couldn't find babysitters at a week's notice?  Did they want to deafen they baby at that young age and terrify it at the same time?  Idiots!  They soon left once the first action scene broke out... which was five minutes in.
And speaking of movies, Mum took me to see 'Knight And Day' with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.  Even though I'm not a Tom Cruise fan (and haven't been for a long time), it's a great film in itself.  So, for a good laugh and dry humour, it's worth going to see.
Also this month, we had a Federal Election.  It hasn't been fun.  You see, we had a Prime Minister ordered to step down by his Deputy Prime Minister.  Then, there was a big shamozzal about her being Prime Minister and they called an election so we could pick one.  But it seems that none of us wanted any of them to run the country and it became a Hung Parliament.  So, the Greens have been sorting out who is running the country.  Personally, it took almost until lunch to get Mum, Dad and I to a poling booth because the school I normally go to decided not to open to one (and also they didn't tell anyone they weren't going to be one).  Then, the other school we went to had a massive line and then finally, the high school we went to normally didn't allow itself to become a poling booth.  So, something went wrong in the mix of things.
My Big Tidy-Up returned on the weekend.  After the Winter of not being around, I decided it was time to get back into it and put things away and get tidying again.  So, I'll be blogging about which part of the house is tidy and clean and which parts have yet to be done.  And there's always something to be done around here.  Until next month's Something Different, see ya later!
So, that's it.  My month of difference.  It's not very exciting this month, but it's been a cool month difference nonetheless. 

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