Friday, August 20, 2010

Busy, Busy Week Almost Finished!

Whoda thunk it?  It's Friday... finally!  Thank God for that!  I for one am thankful that this week is coming to an end; however it's not without it's feeling of being a roller coaster.

Monday and Tuesday were mainly my two days to scratch and really just sort out my laundry, shopping list and figure out what the heck I'm going to do when Wednesday does finally come around... the day when my week really kicks off.
When Wednesday did arrive, I was out of bed as close to sparrowfart as I dared myself and got ready to go shopping.  The money was transferred across, my photo for 365 was uploaded, my breakfast was eaten, Stevie was cared for and the shopping trolley was pulled out of the cupboard and prepared.  I posted off a parcel via sea mail to Canada and then was off to the bus stop; where I arrived just in time to catch the bus!  Once I got to my stop at Triple C, I walked to Life Line in search for a new handbag to use in everyday life... yep it was time to upgrade to another one.  At the post office, I had to pull out three or four things to find the PO Box key and that was embarrassing.  So, I thought it was time to get a new one  that was more likely to store my stuff and less likely to hide it.
And I found a lovely one!  It only cost me $10 and was a Pinelands brand; and it fits everything I need in all it's pockets and zips perfectly... and I love the long strap on it!  What a bag!  Once outside, I emptied the old one into the new one and redonated it back to place I bought it.  They were happy it was still in such good shape.  Actually the lady said she remembered that it had been a few years since she sold it to me; and is amazed it's still in good working order - actually in the same kind of condition I had bought it in.  I'm just hoping the next owner has as much satisfaction with that handbag as I did... now I've got a new one, I'm happier.
Off to Woolworths I went and my grocery day began.  I bought my fresh fruit and veggies and chocolate here and then walked it to K-Mart Plaza where I went to Tru-Hardware and bought a small item.  Onward I walked to Woodys' to pay $10 off my usual layby of dvds I've chosen from their collection along the wall from last fortnight and I ordered in the first season of 'My Own Worst Enemy' with Christian Slater as the main character (72 is showing it at 12:30am on Tuesday nights, but I can't watch it and can't tape it; so it's better if I own it).  So, I'll be paying that off too... a nice big layby before Christmas.
I bought bird seed for Stevie at the pet store (the same one I bought her a little over 5 years ago) and then I went to the chemist and Coles where I did all my other shopping.  At around midday, I was through the checkouts with my trolley full of green bags and my blue trolley being dragged behind me.  

But my day wasn't finished.  

Once home, I jumped online and quickly did everything I needed.  By 1:30pm, I turned off the computer, had a shower, dressed and put away all the groceries (the cold stuff was put away when I first walked through the door).  Then, I readied my bad to go into the city with Mum to see 'Salt'... I had won a free double pass from Triple M and we weren't going to miss out on this!
What a film!  We got home around 8:30 - 9pm... and I was able to see one of my shows I normally watch on Wednesday nights.  But I crashed because it was a very full day.

Thursday was another full day out and about; but not far from home.  Mum and I went back to the TSB and worked on it from 11am until 3:30pm.  It was such a hot day that we had to really take our time with it; but we got a lot done and now we have the detailing to do on it.  I have had to ask for a week's extension to finish the work.  We got to meet the lady who lives at the house and she was so pleased to have met the people who paint these boxes; and her daughter is so excited that we got to paint their Traffic Signalling Box!  They've been watching it being transformed from the army green to blue, the flowers being painted on, the white stems and now, there's more on there to look at, she said it's looking really lovely.
I was hoping to get an early night, but a unit here at the complex had a massive fight.  A screen door was broken off its hinges and Darryl was trying to contain it; without success.  The police were called in to see what happened and one of the people from that particular unit disappeared in to the night... I'm not sure if they've been found, but I hope they have because they're older than the young ones who had the fight and she didn't look good when I last saw her.

Well, that has been my week.  Today is so dreary and dull, I'm not doing much but hanging out one here - something I haven't had time to do for the last few days.  Until my next post, keep warm - or cool - whatever you case may be. 

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