Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy Endings

I have had a horrible week... honestly I have.  Last Saturday, I was at Mum and Dad's and introduced my niece to Farmville.  I like playing it as the cartoon things on it are just cute and it's a fun thing to fill in your day.  But I turned to look at her and heard a click in my neck and thought nothing of it as it didn't make me feel sick and I didn't get pins and needles.  
The next day, I had a bad headache bother me all day.  Then, the following week of days, I was haunted by headaches that wouldn't leave me alone; which got worse as each day passed.  They made me forget things (like transferring money over on Wednesday morning to do the shopping and I also forgot to pack my mobile phone with me too).  
By Thursday, I couldn't stand looking outside and didn't want to get out of bed.  Bed was the only place my head didn't hurt... my eyes felt good (and not like they were hanging out on stalks)... and my stomach didn't do backflips on me whenever I wanted to eat something.  I had also stopped eating snacks and reading anything if I could help it.  Television - something I loved to watch during the night - was becoming unbearable to even think of turning on.  And by the time the TSB box was brought around by Mum, she could see I wasn't well; and she even said it was my neck and not my teeth (as sometimes they can cause headaches when they're sick).  
So, yesterday, I went to the chiropractor.  Dion could see straight way at my reaction to sunlight that there was something wrong.  He asked what happened and I told him.  As soon as he felt my neck, he said it was a mess and that the bone at the base of my skull was pressing right up onto it... no wonder I was feeling so ill!  I said that strangely enough, I could play the piano in the afternoons without a problem.  He said that pianists have to sit a particular way and that I must have sat that way to stop it from pressing; and once I finished practice, it went back into the old position.  He fixed up my back too and my pelvis (it's always twisted) and as I stood, I felt a lot better.  The pain was going away!
Last night, I went to bed and read 'Cloud Atlas' for the first time in three days!  It felt great to be able to get my nose into a book after I had it staring at me for so long and me wanting to read it too!  And once the light was out, I slept soundly; waking to a lovely and beautiful day of no pain, no dizziness and feeling extremely hungry!  I'm looking forward to catching up on all what I didn't do this week while I was in my fog of headache hell.
Well, until my next post, keep warm - or cool - whatever your case may be.

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