Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Public Holiday For Brisbane

Well, today is the RNA People's Day for Brisbane.  On Monday is was for Logan City and outer Brisbane areas; and today, it's for everyone.  So, this means, nothing is open... everyone stays home; and just as well, it's a dull ol' day out there and I don't want to to budge from my comfy place in front of the computer.  

So, what have you all been up to this week?  Me?  Plenty; and yesterday, it all caught up with me.
On Sunday, I got my handwashing done, only to have to bring it in because it began to rain.  So, I've still got it on the clothes horse downstairs next to the piano waiting for me to fold it and put it away.  
Then, on Monday, we had one shower of rain and Mum and I took off to the Traffic Signaling Box across the road and did the first session of it.  This was the hardest part of it.  However, Mum's made the next part just as hard... she's expecting me to make up templates to trace the flowers I've drawn up onto the box itself.  I'm not going to spend money on cardboard to only use it once!  I know how my flowers are drawn; I don't need somebody telling me how they are supposed to be.  I'll draw them onto the box and then we'll paint over them.  It's as easy as that.
Yesterday, I woke up all sore and tired but I didn't have time to be stretching out my sore muscles.  I had the movies to go to with Mum.  She took me - in the rain - to see 'Knight And Day' at Garden City.  And again, I came out of the cinemas with a pounding headache.  I don't know what's going on with them.  But it's not good when you've been to the cinemas twice and both times they've given you a horrible headache.  Mum said that maybe it's the time we spend on the computer, but I've never encountered this kind of problem with computers before; otherwise I'd do something about it.
So, I spent the day with the my head pounding, the painkillers doing nothing and us trying to do our shopping.  I didn't find the swing I wanted for Stevie until we were on the way home.  Then, at QBD, the gift voucher I thought I had wasn't a gift voucher; it was a receipt.  The lady said that I was given one (which I wasn't) on the 12th, July when I last purchased a book.  But I hadn't purchased a book then - and Mum said she was with me that day and remembered that I couldn't afford to buy anything.  So, that lady called up QBD in Melbourne and sorted it out... and now I have to pick up the gift voucher this week some time.  I can't wait as I'll be picking up a new book for once!  It's on how to retrain your brain and making new pathways more permanent through using them all the time.
Then, we got to Best and Less and I bought some new undies (something I really needed as some of mine are looking a little worse for wear) and then we headed off home after Mum went to The Athlete's Foot.  It's there she noticed I looked really tired.  

Last night, I read about 20 pages of 'Cloud Atlas' and crashed.  This morning, I woke to the rubbish being collected and rain.  Yep, this day began dull and stayed that way.  I also checked the rain gauge out the back and we've had 80mm of rain since Monday night... wow!  That's a lot!

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