Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Birthday Tradition

Tomorrow is my birthday; and each year, the night before my birthday, I do a journal entry about what I've done in the year between my last birthday and this one.  I know this seems like a silly thing to do; however with my memory problems through Epilepsy and medications, it helps me remember how far I've come from one year to the next and to see how many goals I've reached - and exceeded - each year too.  And doing on my birthday instead of NYE makes is better for me too.

Last year, around this time, I was writing this at my townhouse; this time I'm writing this in the living room of my brother and my future sister-in-law's house at Brighton on the north side of Brisbane.  It's past 10pm and it's bin night.  I only found out because the dog wanted to go outside for the final toilet run and I found all the other neighbours had put out their bins... okay!  Finding out the hard way that this is bin night!  At least I found out.
Within this last year, I've fallen in love with a wonderful man.  Since I have told him - and he hasn't told me that he doesn't like me - I have tried to be with other men (just to be sure it's not a crush or something silly like that).  I found that the spark we have together isn't there in other people; so there is something there.  
I've worked on my art and writing over the last year too.  I've been to workshops at the Logan Art Gallery and been painting and have done some life modelling for a friend as well.  I've been published - in December - through a UK e-book company where I don't get paid, but people can download my book for free and read what I can write.  It's a start at least.
I've been reading some great books - and not so great books - and My Reading List blog is still running and getting more popular with each passing month too.  I don't know what I do that's different, but people seem to like it.
We have lost a family member during this year, though.  Uncle Allan passed away from Prostate Cancer, aged 71 1/2.  He passed on in April and will be missed badly from the family as he was a favourite Uncle of mine.  His friends, Frank and Dave and himself all helped me through a rough break-up years ago when nobody else knew how... and I'll be forever grateful for what they've all done for me.  I will always miss him and his quirky sense of humour and his laugh and generous nature.  And I'll never be able to listen to 'Always Look On the Bright Side of Life' from The Life of Brian without thinking of his service; as it was the song he picked for his casket to be wheeled out to the hearse to... you can see what I mean by the sense of humour now, right?

I've attended a massive workshop that took up over a month of my time; and ended with The Home Festival at Kangaroo Point where our Pop-Up Museum Exhibition was a great attraction to the public.  My piece was an Altered Book about why I collect books and why I love to read and write and pages hanging in a tree nearby with words on the backs of them telling in a word or two of my passion and love for the written word.  The Pop-Up Museum has been asked to be shown in either the Logan Art Gallery or the Queensland Art Gallery - I've forgotten which this December.  Otherwise I'm back into working on my works again; and have begun designing a necklace holder for my necklaces.  

Now, it's October and Jay the dog is sleeping on her bed.  Little Miss Stevie is on her swing all fluffed up, her head stuck firmly in her feathers fast asleep (truthfully, trying to ignore my noisy typing).  I'm not all that tired really; but it's very quiet outside now it's late.  Well, until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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