Saturday, October 6, 2012

Back At Home!

Tonight, I write to you all from my Logan townhouse; and I'm very tired.  I've had a long day of traveling and doing lots of things to get back home.
I was up at 6am; unable to get back to sleep.  So, I fed the chickens, fed Watson for the last time and fed Jay the dog and then took an early morning walk to the paper shop where I picked up a carton of milk and a bottle of 'Cascade' Ginger Beer.  I was planning on taking it to the baby shower this afternoon, but it was left in the car by accident.  By the time I returned, everyone in the house was still asleep.  So, I tidied up the lounge and packed my shoes and began sorting out my things to take with me later in the morning when Dad was going to pick me up.
At around 8am, Kat, Gabe and Riley were up and about and pancakes had been made and we were around the breakfast table scoffing into them!  My Maple Syrup I had brought along for the week was tried out by Gabe and Riley as they'd never eaten it before; and they loved it!  So, I left that bottle there for them to enjoy.  Actually, I accidentally left my dark chocolate in the freezer... oops!  Oh well, they'll enjoy that too.
They had to go out and pick up a part for the Kombi as it broke down at the camp site at Kennleworth; so they were out for the day to rescue it.  While they were out, I took a quick shower and packed my last minute stuff and pack any food stuffs I wanted to bring home; including organising Little Miss Stevie.  However, this took time.  Dad showed up just after I had finished washing up and tidying up, putting my shoes into a plastic bag - as they all had chicken poo on the soles of them - and Little Miss Stevie's blankets were all folded up and I had made sure everything was ready to go.

Now, I haven't mentioned anything about the next thing for a good reason.  My Mum has been in hospital for the last two weeks or so.  This is so she could have a major operation to have a lung cancer removed and part of her lung.  She was the ICU for some time and then in she was moved to a regular bed around Wednesday of this week as she was doing a lot better.  It's so good to see her improve from there.  She's now able to shower and dress herself and she isn't attached to any machines anymore; and now they are managing her pain with panadol instead of the heavy stuff.  I'm just looking forward to seeing her come home and watch her recover over time.  Mum's really hanging out to get home, but will stay in the hospital until they let her go home.
Well, today, Dad and I went and visited Mum on the way to a Baby Shower at Thorneside.  She was thrilled to see us and we were happy to see her too.  I can't wait to see her home and recovering where I can get to her via a bus instead of being driven to the other side of town.

The baby shower for Vivienne and Geoff Treagus was a great success!  My knitted gear for their baby was a great surprised and Vivienne absolutely adored the hats - especially the tiny one!  All the ladies were amazed at how much I knitted and how lovely the blankets were.  I spotted almost all of them going up and looking at them close up at one point or another during the afternoon.  So, I'm flattered that everyone - not only Mum and Dad to be - loves my pieces too.
By around 4pm, I thought it was time we made tracks.  Little Miss Stevie had had fun with us all.  She was the real social butterfly around everyone.  So, I left her at the Summer House with the ladies while I tracked down Dad at Viv and Geoff's house and found him with his feet up in a lounge chair enjoying a chat with Stefan - one of the guest's boyfriend's.  He asked if I was ready to take off.  He looked pretty comfortable; so I said when he was.  But truthfully, I didn't want us running into any peak hour traffic.  

We arrived home at around 5pm.  The traffic was busy - but not horrible - and the day was beginning to catch up with me.  It's been a long day of sitting in the car and traveling around Brisbane.  I do look forward to tomorrow where I'll be catching up with my house, my laundry and anything else there is around the place.  Most of my stuff is unpacked otherwise.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.


  1. Welcome home! Glad to hear you enjoyed your week's holiday.

    A female at bowling just become Grandma. Her son and partner has a baby boy.

    1. Thanks. I've been busy today too; just catching up with everything and getting back into the swing of being around my house again. :)

      Send on my congrats to your friend at bowling for becoming a Grandmother - some people love it, while others hate the term. My Mum loves being a Grandma - or Nanna - as she enjoy's Riley's life as she grows... and boy, do they grow fast! :D