Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Busy Week

On Sunday, I knew it was going to be a busy week.  When my computer sync-wiped my iPod, I knew I was in for a bumpy ride.  Yesterday we were over at Carindale Shopping Centre to get the iPod looked at by the Apple Store there ( and what a store it is!  It's massive!)Today, I updated everything on my computer and plugged in my iPod, but still it's not working right.  I'm allowed into iTunes, but none of my music is being brought across from the Purchased area.  So, we have to get in and have my old hard drive removed from my old computer, pull my library from that and transfer it over.  For this, I need a hard drive caddy.  I have been talking about getting one of these for the last three or four months; and I whenever I've ordered one in, it either doesn't get ordered, or it doesn't show up.  So, it looks like I need to go into a proper computer store and get myself a caddy - one I don't have to order, just buy one because it's there on the damned shelf.  And get my stuff of the hard drive; as well as the other things I need off it too.  

Today, I came one step closer to being able to use my iPod for music.  Now, I can burn and sync music onto my iPod that I had on there before of my own cds.  So, I'll be doing that this afternoon.  However, I do need to go out and buy that caddy sooner rather than later.  Then, the Apps I lost are going to be the next thing I will need to address.  I only bought 2 Apps and they may be able to be put back on.
Otherwise, today, I washed up everything, put out the rubbish, checked the mail, went to the fruit shop and checked out a new toy store nearby.  This toy store is full of hand-made toys - all wooden and lovely - and they were reasonably priced too.  I thought they were well-made too.  I haven't seen anything like this since I was a kid.  
Well, I didn't buy anything, just looked - as I was going to the fruit store to get some yoghurt and bread and not the toy store - and so I came home after that.  I took some photos of the large Jacaranda Tree that's in flower at this time of year near the child care centre and was home before I knew it.

Tomorrow, the antenna guy is coming to fix the television reception in both mine and next door's antenna.  It's going to happen in the afternoon; probably around the time I'll be carving up my pumpkin for tomorrow night's fun and games.  But I hope it'll be better than it has been recently.  I'm looking forward to a time where I don't have to watch a dvd because my reception goes haywire, but because I want to; how good will that be?

Hopefully, by Saturday, I'll have myself my iPod music back and all the Apps through what I need.  Otherwise, I'll have to wait again.  I have the money for the caddy; and I think I'll catch a bus to the place on the service road.  It won't take me long to get there; seeing I know what I'm looking for.  And I know my budget too.

This week has been exhausting.  I've missed having my iPod with me.  It's been a bad irony - what's happened with it.  Not only did I learn how to delete what I didn't want on my playlist, but I learned that my computer could wipe everything I did want on my playlist... the former was cool, while the latter sucked.  I'm hoping what I need to do soon will work; and if it does I don't have to do it again for a long time to come.  And if I do, I'll write it down so I remember to when I do.  Well, until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm (especially you guys in NYC and that Hurricane Sandy and everyone else on the East Coast of the USA) and remember, I'm always here.            

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