Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hot Shopping Day

Last night was a stinker of a night!  Thank the Gods there was a lovely breeze lulling me to sleep; but I still didn't sleep well.  There were people over my fence who decided last night would be a good one to have an all-night get-together, beers and leave all their lights on for a good yakkity-yak... and boy!  Where they loud!  So, once every few hours, I'd be woken by one of their loud, voice-carrying laughs!  Don't you hate it when that happens?  I sure do.

Anyway, today, we had a few dramas here at the unit complex that ran me a bit late and so I gave the fruit shop a miss this morning and went straight out and did my shopping.  I found a great Glow-Mesh clutch bag for $10 and a little coin purse for $1.00 and then it was off to Woolworths for my chocolate and a few packets of lollies for my Birthday Buddy's Birthday Present.
I walked to Logan Central Plaza with my umbrella up and found there was a lovely breeze blowing.  However, I still felt the heat coming up off the car park as I walked along.  It felt good once I was inside the shopping centre and out of the hot day.  I skipped Woodys Music Store - and have decided to wait until after Christmas to make another layby; to save my money up for my next gardening facelift.  And so far, it's gone well.
I went into K-Mart and looked for a replacement picture frame for the multi-photo frame that got destroyed a few weeks back, but they didn't have any in stock.  So, I bought a few Christmas Ornaments instead to send away for the Bookcrossing Ornament Exchange (I've bought a few extra for Mum so she doesn't have to stress about hers this year).

Coles was next.  I did my shopping there quickly and kept to the list.  I did forget to buy the Cranberry juice but that doesn't matter; as it's the only item I forgot.  But I did get myself a good-sized Jack-o-lantern pumpkin to carve for Halloween... very cool.  Quite a few people didn't know they weren't for eating, though and didn't think about buying them as they were quite expensive (at $2.95 per kg). One lady had two grandchildren with her and one of them picked a big one up to throw it - thinking it was solid - and he wouldn't put it back until I took it off him (as his grandmother couldn't leave his brother alone).  She asked me if they were 'seriously hollow or are you just saying that?'. I shook my head and said they are grown for this time of the year and they are indeed hollow inside with a thin shell and just pulp throughout... and the dopier and more stupid they look, the scarier they are when you put a candle inside them.
Well, when I paid for my shop, it didn't come to as much as I feared and then I ordered a cab and just as I walked out to the rank, one pulled up and asked if I needed one... well, of course I took it.  You see, I had forgotten my esky for my cold stuff.  So, I really needed to get my cold stuff home asap; and it's just as well I didn't wait.  Anyway, the driver was a fast, defensive driver and got me home fast and helped me with my things.  And before I knew it, all the groceries were put away.
By around 2:30pm, I had been to the fruit shop - as I thought to leave the fruit-shopping until later today.  However, the later I left it, the hotter it became.  So, I just took off and got my stuff and came home as fast as I could.  Now, I'm all set for the next week and or so; foodwise.

Right now, it's a bit past 10pm.  The unit complex is quiet and people are going to bed; but how they're going to sleep tonight is a mystery because it's still so hot.  I hope we have a nice breeze tonight.  I'm drinking some gastrolytes as it will help me with the heat; and I have problems with my salts suddenly dropping in this weather.  Well, until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.


  1. The temperature wasn't that bad compared to Sunday.

    1. I was out walking around in it; and it was a very hot day.