Monday, October 1, 2012

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

Well, I'm sitting here vegging out in the computer and internet while it's raining outside.  It's been raining all morning; since I've fed the chickens and the cat next door actually and I'm really getting sick of it already.  I thought this was going to be a good week of sitting out in he warm afternoons and reading as the bay breezes cooled the house.  However, I was wrong.  The days have begun to be wet and not all that great; and to make it even worse, I packed only two pairs of jeans and didn't pack a jacket or anything remotely to do with Winter.  Seeing we were having such a nice Summery spell of warm weather, I thought it was going to continue - well that's what we were led to believe - and so I didn't pack anything for cold weather.  So, when I found it was chilly this morning, I was grateful that there is a Vinnies store not far from here.
Today is a public holiday so I'll be off tomorrow to dig amongst their jackets and winter gear for this week.  I only hope  I can get it all washed and dried in time to wear it.  If not, well, it doesn't matter; I'll have some nice clothes from there.

But we've had a good time so far here - Little Miss Stevie and me - as Gabe, Kat, Jay and Riley are great to be around.  Living alone is hard but being amongst others is great and noisy.  They are always playing music and chatting and laughing about everything.
They took off this morning after breakfast.  Jay looked around after them as though she was being left out of some great adventure - poor girl - but she's here in the living room sleeping seeing it's raining and cold outside.  I have been offering for her to take a wander out around the yard, but she keeps looking at me as though I'm nuts and going back to bed.  And really, do you blame her?  Nah, me neither.
I've fed the chickens twice already and this morning they all thought I was the Food Goddess... it was hilarious when I stepped outside in my blue socked feet this morning at 7am and put on my shoes, all four of them came running towards me like little feathered children!  Such little cuties and funny as hell!

This arvo, I'm not sure what I'm going to be up to.  Might get into reading a bookring from Bookcrossing yet, or edit a few stories I have brought with me.  So, I'll see where this day takes me.  But today, I've given the chickens a treat, Jay got a treat and Little Miss Stevie did too.  Then, I fixed up some flowers that the neighbour brought over to Gabe and Kat so they survive better; and they're looking good.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.


  1. Who is Jay?? I assume it's a name of a pet you are babysitting. Does the chickens lay any eggs?

    1. Jay is Kat's dog... such a sweetie. :D

      And the chickens all lay eggs. This morning, while changing out their hay and cleaning out the coop, I saw a soft-shell egg. This is when a chicken isn't getting enough calcium. Seeing I hadn't seen one before - and only heard of them - I thought to bring it inside in case Kat, Gabe and Riley hadn't seen it before either. I was surprised to find they haven't.