Sunday, October 14, 2012

Chili Peppers' Influenced Clean-Up

I love cleaning up the house to good loud music.  It puts me into the mood to enjoy what I'm doing as well as to rock-out to some great tunes.  So, I grabbed some early RHCP and pumped it up.  Little Miss Stevie hung off the side of the cage and sang to it, blowing kisses as well (yep, she's a typical heavy-metalist deep down; and isn't scared to show it!).  While it was playing, I pulled out the vacuum cleaner and moved the coffee table and lounge around and slowly cleaned the lounge room carpet.  This took around an hour as there was so much crap and in-ground dirt in the carpet and I had to keep going over it a few times.  But once it was finished, it felt so nice under my feet.
After that, I set about tidying up the lounge itself.  I put away some bags, the AFL footy I had sitting around the the footy season, took upstairs a hat, scarf and a few other things too.  Then, I sorted out the coffee table and went to put somethings away in the green box I keep on there (this is to keep the coffee table from being too cluttered from leftover coasters, clothes for cleaning the tv set and other things like hair ties, pens, bookmarks and tiny bulldog clips).  But when I opened the box, I found it was full.  So, I sat down, emptied the box out and found it was mostly filled with bookmarks people had given me or I had picked up from places.  And I put them into it to get them out of the way and I forgot about them.  So, I put them in my office to use or to give away to friends online.  Once the box wasn't so full, I put it back where it was supposed to be and put my box set of 'That 70s Show' on the sub-woofer next to the entertainment unit as well.  The coffee table looks so much tidier.
I didn't get around to looking through the second pile of paper on the kitchen table.  But I did get to clean the windows around the place with some Earth Choice window cleaner.  The problem with the stuff is that you have to go over it twice to get rid of streaks... oh well, at least the windows are clean.  

After that, I more or less just did small things.  You know, sorted out some money, looked through a book about Fred Astaire and then put away some empty coat hangers and figured out the laundry I have to do tomorrow.  Then, I organised myself something to eat before I sat down and put on some television and relaxed.  All I had done for the last few hours is look and read things or clean.  

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day of laundry, dusting upstairs, sorting through paperwork, washing floors and mowing my lawn (that will most probably be done on Tuesday morning).  Then, I've got a friend coming over on Wednesday for coffee and a chat and - well, I'm not sure what I've got on for the rest of the week.  I still have some Spring Cleaning to do for Endoes and want to save up more money for my garden again.  However, I'll be doing that a lot easier now seeing I'm not going to layby anything until the New Year; and I'm only allowing myself three or four Christmas presents this year.  Anyway,  I must be going soon as it's getting late and I wasted my evening away on watching dvds of a tv series.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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