Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mid-Week Sun

This week has been going well.  Despite my small injuries on my right foot that happened on Saturday - which are healing now well now - I'm enjoying the peace and quiet of having a whole house to myself.  
The chickens enjoying a pat a few times a day and are funny when they think I'm going to feed them; and I'm not.  They've been laying some good eggs too; so far I've got around 5 eggs and have eaten one for breakfast.
Jay is really missing Kat and Gabe and Riley something big.  Even though I'm taking her for a walk every day and she's enjoying running around the yard after breakfast all day, when she comes inside in the late afternoon, she just doesn't seem to connect with me very much.  I know she's really missing them all and can't wait until they come home.
But today, I found I was in the mid-week slump of my holidays.  I really needed to get some laundry done so I didn't have to do so much when I returned home.  So, I did some hand-washing and got two other loads out on the line by around 1pm.  Then, I took Jay for a walk to the bakery up the road and looked at the cakes for Friday - my birthday - and found it was best to just go for a plain old chocolate log.  Compared to an ordered cake, it was far less to pay and easier to store.  The chocolate log cost me $5.00 and I could bring it home today; whereas the ordered cake took 2 days and would have cost me $22.00.  So, I went to the cheaper alternative... it does the same thing.
This morning, after breakfast, I had the computer and internet on - for the radio - and I dampened a cloth and wiped down all the dusty surfaces around the place.  The place looks to much better now.  Even the speakers, computer and modems had a huge amount of dust on them.  Anyway, once I rinsed it out, I found the place felt and smelled better.  I then washed up from this morning's breakfast and hung about on the net chatting with a friend who was in Tassie visiting family.  
I took more photos of the things around the house and have enjoyed being around here, writing, editing work, knitting and cooking.  After having one day of cold and drizzle, I'm glad it's fined up to a good-looking week.  Little Miss Stevie is enjoying herself too... even if the breezes are a little on the cooler side for her.  Well, until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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