Monday, October 8, 2012

Back Into the Routine

It's nice to be back where all my stuff is.  I feel good to be amongst all my books, vinyls and art gear so I can work when I want to, read and listen to my vinyls.  But over the weekend, I also felt very tired and used up because of the traveling I had done on Saturday.
So, yesterday being so stinking hot, I thought it would be a great day to get in and do as much laundry as I could.  I had three loads out by around 9:30am and decided to leave the hand washing until today.  I jumped online and checked everything from my mail to uploading a couple of photos onto 365 Project to catch up with the two days I had missed out on.
Once all that was done, it was midday.  So, I thought to get together my mail bag and take a quick trip over to the post office to see how much mail had come in over the last week.  I was totally surprised that it wasn't much.  I got a notice from Optus that my charges were going up online and on my phone lines and a parcel pick-up card and some junk mail... and that was it!  No bills - yet.   That was a good week last week I think.  I have nothing to pay for next week.
Anyway, I got home and changed to get into some painting, and worked on some of my painting that was on the easel and then read a book for a while and watched one of a 'That 70's Show' dvd for about an hour or so.  Before long, I was channel surfing and found a movie called 'The Flash' based on the comic strip.  It was a 1991 film with the dude who played the Dad in 'Dawson's Creek' in it as The Flash!  It was an okay movie, but I did notice that the guy who played Jake from 'Becker' is in it; and I'm so used to seeing him play a visually impaired person, I wasn't used to seeing him walking around without a cane (jeez, that sounds mean!  But when you haven't seen a person play any other character, you kinda type-cast them that way).  It was a good film to fill in the time for me to make dinner and by the time I sat down, it had almost finished.  

Today, I was off to collect my parcel and was surprised to find another parcel pick-up card in the PO Box.  So, I came home with two big parcels; and they both ended up being for my Birthday.  How very cool is that?  Head on over to my Gift-Giving blog and you can see what I received there and who they were from.  Such lovely things and I'll use them too.
This morning, though, I got in and did all my hand-washing and hung it onto my clothes horse as it's not looking to cheery outside and the temperature is lower than it was yesterday.  The parrots are all out screeching and singing in the trees and I killed a strange little spider this morning in the kitchen... rain is on its way.  I'm just glad I arrived home last Saturday when I did because it was nice fine day to be out and about for the day... hot too.  Well, until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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