Monday, October 15, 2012

Morning Walk

It warmed up quickly this morning and so I got in and did the laundry early.  I ate my breakfast, got out the two loads, washed up and got organised to walk to the chemist.  After checking how much I had in the bank - via the phone - I was out the door and to the post office.  The last load of washing was only a quarter way through and I thought to put it out when I came home.
I didn't get anything much in the mail, but the walk to the chemist was nice.  There's a new restaurant opening across from The Big Apple - a Bake House - and so people were in the old Mediterranean Restaurant working in it and fixing it up.  It's been empty for such a long time, I wondered if anyone was going to reopen it as anything else again.  However, what's sad is that as I passed the fruit shop, I saw the vacant corner across the way of the newsagents, pawn shop and the Balinese store.  All of them were closed down and the place looked very dark indeed.  The newsagents had been there for the last 30 years or so and only gone bankrupt in the last few months; I was shocked to hear about it from the brewery shop across the road.
Anyway, just past the Argonaut Centre, I walked past the little lot of shops and saw the fence just before the bridge where there used to be a half-finished painting on the fence.  Well, today it was completed.  I pulled out my camera took photos of it.  It's beautiful!  After I went to the chemist, I returned to the fence and walked behind the lot of shops and saw more graffiti and found it had been refreshed since the last time I had photographed... well, all except one piece.  This piece was of a portrait of a young man who had been killed in a car accident and the young folks - his friends - kept it fresh as a memorial to him.  I think it's great they think of him like this.
On the way home, I was about to cross the bridge near the storm water drains closest to Park Road when I spotted two Water Dragons in the grass on the other side of it.  I slowed down, took off my sunglasses and pulled out my camera.  I photographed one of them as another took off into the creekbed.... damn!  Then, the first one I photographed ran across the path, stopped and - just when I pulled my camera into focus - took off again into the grass!  Cheeky little bugger!  Oh well, you can win 'em all!  I zoomed in as far as the lens could go and photographed him until he vanished into the long grass.
Soon enough, I returned home with my lot of photos, my medicine from the chemist and the mail.  The laundry had finished and I went straight out the back to put it all out.  The day had turned out quite hot.  My next door neighbours were taking in the morning at the pool, swimming and enjoying having it to themselves for the day; seeing the kids were back at school now.
Now, I'm online here with the fan of the air-con pushing fresh air through this room so it's going to be nice and fresh for Wednesday when my friend, Wendy, comes by.  Besides, I don't like this room getting to musty anyway as it makes me cough when it does.  But I have gotten a lot done this morning.  The back yard was beginning to get bindi's; so I pulled them all out - and the worse thing was that they were all around the back door!  Then, I washed up, wiped down the counters and cupboard doors and then cleaned down the stove.  Now, there's just the wiping up to do.  I even cleaned off the fish tank as I found pancake batter on there from yesterday - oops! - oh well, as least I know it's on the outside of the tank, and not on the inside! 
Well, I've gotten most of the work I've set myself to do done over the last three days.  Now, there's only about three or four jobs left on the list and that's it; I'll be happy with my house this week.  I'm not only doing this because I have a friend coming over, I'm also doing this because my house needs a clean up.  Well, until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here. 

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