Saturday, October 13, 2012

Afternoon Clean-Up

This afternoon, I worked hard on my jobs I had written down for myself.  I threw out rubbish, cleaned up the office, put away handbags, bubble-wrap and other bags into the wardrobe and made sure I could get to them easily.  I moved a few things around and made the office look good and tidied it up so it looked like it did a few months back.

Then, I was in my bedroom unpacking my Hawks Travel Bag to put it away.  Once everything was out of it, I zipped it up and put it into the wardrobe until it was ready for another use.  Then, I folded everything and put it all away, hung up the empty clothes hangers and put away everything I could lay my hands on that was still on the bed.  

Next, I was downstairs to tidy up.  I grabbed a rubbish bag from the pantry and worked through one pile of paperwork on the kitchen table and filled the bag a quarter.  There's still a pile, but it's not so big; and there's still another pile on the kitchen table to go through tomorrow.  It won't take too long.  I then picked up three books off the sub-woofer and took them upstairs and packed up my dvd pack of 'That 70's Show' and put it on top of the sub-woofer.
By this time, I needed to take a shower and get changed.  I wanted to get into some painting and it was around 1:30pm.  Once I was ready to work on my painting, I put on a vinyl and finished up my self-portrait.  It was just the details I needed to work on; and then I signed it.  I'm so pleased it's completed now.  

At around 3pm, I organised myself something to eat and turned on the television and watched my usual re-runs of shows while I knitted until around 5pm when I made myself something to eat.  Then, I put on season 2 of 'That 70's Show' - because there wasn't anything else on tv that I was interested in - and I watched the first dvd of that until around 8:30pm when I turned off the tv and went outside to find out where the heck some really loud music was coming from.  And you know?  It was coming from a dude's unit from halfway down the complex; and he was just hanging out in his car port drinking a beer on his own.  Just as the new next door neighbours came out - around the same time at me - Ian (one of the guys up the back of where I live) walked around and I said to him that the music was too loud.  He happily went down there and told the guy to turn it down or off as he was disturbing people - and he could hear it at his place too.  After 20 minutes, the guy had it shut off completely.  

So, that was my afternoon.  I have another day of cleaning and tidying up to come tomorrow.  And then I have laundry to do on Monday... and vacuuming of the house too.  Then, I have to dust again.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember I'm always here.

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