Sunday, October 28, 2012


Today, I thought to have my ipod checked online to see how much space I have on it.  Yesterday, while I was at the gallery, I found out how to delete cds of music off it I didn't want.  How cool is that?  Well, today, when I jumped on, it recommended an update.  I said no, but it did it anyway; and all of my music, all of the network connections and everything to do with my ipod was taken right back to the bare bones and factory settings.  I haven't got the apps it originally had on it, I don't have any songs or cds I originally bought from the itunes store and I can't get into the itunes store either.

So, I have a piece of computer hardware which I have to take to a Dick Smith store to get my settings and shit back because I'm totally in the dark.  Apple Ipods don't come with any instructions... you learn at you go with them.  Stupid don't you think?  You can't call anyone on the weekends, and you can't get an e-mail on the weekends either - and that's crap too.

I have a 4th Generation iTouch and right now it's as useful as a doorstop.  Sure I have all my photos on it and my notes and a few little things I installed on it - like the World Time of about 20 cities - but otherwise, there's no games, no lauguage tutorials, nothing I used to have... just the barest of bare basics.  It's under warranty too and I have to find out tomorrow what to do next with it.
The one thing I have done is connect it to a network.  I couldn't do it to mine; as it has never let me connect anything like this to my internet connection; why I'm not sure, but my ipod just won't.  And when I looked this up on the Apple iStore Support, I found I wasn't the only one who is completely pissed off and with an empty ipod.  There's hundreds of other people like me out there who have had the same problems and have complained to Apple Support, but the company isn't talking.  Typical.  The big computer company puts out an update and they don't know what it does; and when it screws up everyone's music and settings on their ipods and ipads, they won't admit that they're in the wrong!

Most of my music is on my back-up library on the iTunes store... but being unable to get on there, I'll have to wait until tomorrow to figure out my next step.     

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