Saturday, October 13, 2012

Busy Saturday

It's barely midday and I've been busy around the house and yard already.  After Thursday being a cold wet day of sticking around the house and Friday a cold windy day of working around my parents' house, today was planned to be a day to work on my place.  The winds have died down, there's not a cloud in the sky and I knew I had to organise my house and yard.

So, I decided the first thing I had to do was check the mail at the post office; seeing I didn't do it yesterday.  There wasn't much there fortunately and so it turned out to be a nice walk to and from there at around 9am.
Once back, I opened up the house and decided the back yard needed work on it.  First though, I photographed the Native Iris'.  They're all out in bloom and look lovely in the Spring sunlight.  After I got as many photos as I could, I tossed out some rubbish, unlocked the gate to my garden and began pulling out weeds.  I found some Yellow Paper Daisies just about to flower and Crows Feet also about to flower and pulled out about 40 of the Crows Feet by hand.  There were more, but they weren't as big as the ones I pulled out; so I didn't worry about them as much.
Once that was done, I found that the Aloe Vera flowers had finished and so clipped them and tossed them away so they'd flower again soon.  Then, I swept out the car port and closed the gate up, locked it and locked my sheds again.  Then, it was time to come inside and make my milk drink and wash my hands.  I had spent a good half and hour or so doing all these things and felt good.  
The back yard in itself is looking good though.  I found that a lot of my plants are beginning to leaf and flower now that the days are longer and warmer.  And with the rain on Thursday, they've gotten the jump they need to sprout their first bits of green this year.  I have one plant that has been dormant all Winter and today I've noticed it's got its first bits of green on it; after all this time being leafless and flowerless.  So, out came the camera and I took some photos of it; and before I knew it, I found other plants had begun to show signs of Spring growth, and I photographed them too!

I've been on the internet for about 3 hours today.  This afternoon, I'm going to do some major tidying up.  There's a bag and some clothes I have to put away,  the lounge room needs a tidy up.  I've dusted it - so that's done for today - and I need to wash the kitchen floor, clean the toilets, tidy up the office a bit (as it's getting crowded in here) and organise my books a bit better.  Then, I'll be doing a major tidy-up of the kitchen table too.  That thing seems to accumulate paper faster than anything else!  Actually, I think I'll stretch this over the whole weekend, so I have a bit of time to finish a painting I've put to one side for 3 weeks.  Well, until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm, and remember I'm always here.

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